Aerophile ride


Here is a picture of the new ride at DTD. It is called Characters in Flight. $16 (ages 10 and up) and $10 (for kids 3-9)


Wow, I called that pricing pretty well! :tongue:


Hopefully there will SOME sort of discount for Annual Pass holders or DVC members, that would be nice. We’ll probably try it once.


You did do a good job at pricing it. I don’t know, it does seem like alot of money for a family do go up in this for a whopping 6 minutes. I don’t know if we will try it. I will have to hear the reviews and decide then.


I’ll check it out on our May trip and maybe when we go in June we might give it a try.


I may sound dumb but what is it?


It is a baloon ride that goes up to 400 feet and hauls 30 brave souls at a time.


Sounds fun to me. I would think the views would be breath taking.


Is it actually up and running now?


Prices are decent for Disney.

All of the unofficial Disney sites were saying they changed the name from Characters in Flight to Aerophile… that was the initial name it was thought to be called. Weird.


Allearsnet posted more photos of the dock & balloon. One interesting thing I didn’t realize was that it’s going to be “OPERATED by Aerophile.” I wonder what’s involved in operation this that Disney CMs won’t be used to operate it? Is it just the physics of weight loading & dangers involved in syncronization of release & weather conditions? Or, am I misreading that & Aerophile may just be operating it financially or something?

Anyway, I know it may not be complete yet but these photos seem awfully sparse. The dock looks completely boring and where the heck is the basket that people stand in?

Characters in Flight operated by Aerophile Balloon – Downtown Disney

OH and if anyone is interested in what the finished product may look like; this is the one already operating in Disneyland Paris. It kinda looks like guests are in a ‘cage’ type of enclosure & the loading/landing dock looks just as boring. :laugh:

Sooo, what time of day would you try to do Aerophile? I wonder if its open for sunrise? How gorgeous would that be! I think I would try for sunset.


A nice sunset venture would be beautiful.


Prcies are right where we thought they would be…really not interested, but knowing DD, we would have to do it at least once to try it.


Sounds cool but not really worth $46-$64 for a family of four for 6 minutes? With all the balloon festivals you can get an “up and down” balloon ride almost anywhere.


I think we’re going to try it in June, it will be $32 for the two of us [still hoping for a DVC or AP discount] and I think the view would be gorgeous, I’d love to take a lot of pictures up there. Although, I just showed the picture to Daniel and he was like “ummm, I’ll wave to you from the ground.” :laugh: He’s not big on heights but I got him in a gondola going to the top of the San Jacinto mountains so this should be easier. :tongue:


I might do it once but I can do aerial sightseeing a lot cheaper. Anybody MBers visiting Virginia Beach area are welcome to look me up. No in a balloon but an hour runs about $90-110 depending on gas prices and you can see a whole lot more! Sure it’s not WDW but…

I’m guessing that $75 bucks will get three people a half hour flight from Kississimee.


Just got back from DTD a few minutes ago and we are relaxing at the hotel. it was very crowded, possible because it rained all morning. It is beautiful now! Anyway, the cm at the balloon said it would open April 17. We were disappointed as we wanted to ride it. Looks like a blast. He said you could see for about 10 miles on a clear day.


Wow, awesome! Enjoy your trip, I am so jealous you are there right now!!


OH YEAH! I thought that might stir up a little jealousy in a few of my fellow mousebuzzers! lol lol…We are going to Epcot early in the a.m. I can’t wait to see all those beautiful topiaries and flowers. Just hope the weather is as pretty as it is right now. It was awful this morning.


Picture of the ride