Afew last minute questions about OKW


First, do they have BBQ grills. We would like to grill out one night and need to know if there are any grillls around. Is it a first come first serve or do you need to reserve it? Also, since we are now going to MK and we have ADR’s at Kona at 9:20 that morning, would it be quicker to take the bus to MK then hop the monorail to the Poly or drive our car to the transportation center and hop on the monorail to the Poly then to the MK? I am seeing here on MB to try and get the Grandstands or Springs room. Which one is the best for buses and being close to everything? Thanks!!


Oh yeah,is the fridge large enough to hold a gallon of milk or half gallon?


There are full size fridges in one bedroom and larger units and a small dorm size fridge n the studios. We always buy half gallons for the smaller fridges and they fit nicely in the door.


I guess I forgot to say we will be in a studio. I guess the half gallon would be fine then.


The studios at OKW are so nice. I hope you enjoy yourself.
If you don’t mind driving, then that would probably be the fastest way to get to the Poly. If I am not mistaken you can walk from the Transportation Center to the Poly for your breakfast, then hop on the monorail to get to MK.


I’m not sure about the grills, hopefully someone else will chime in. I would assume they are first come/first serve.

The Grandstands/Springs are at Saratoga Springs Resort. OKW just has building numbers (ie: Building #18) From experience, building 13 is close to the hospitality house (check in, general store, big pool area). We enjoy building 18. we’ve also stayed in other buildings (can’t remember which ones right now) but they have all had good bus transportation when on all of our trips.

I would take the car that day to the TTC and then hop on the monorail to th Poly.


Hopefully someone will have info about the grills, I was wondering about that myself!


We stayed at OKW a few years ago and I don’t remember seeing any outdoor bbq grills anywhere. BTW, we loved OKW and hope to stay there again on our next family trip. Enjoy!


I don’t remember seeing BBQ grills at OKW. We really enjoyed out stay though.


Ok, well I just confirmed that they do have BBQ grills on property. That is really a nice touch.