African Cats in iMAX?


Max and I are super excited for African Cats. We’ve actually had the Earth Day premier on our calendar since we first saw the preview, last year! :laugh: (Max’s favorite animal is the cheetah.)

If you haven’t seen the previews, here’s a link to the website: Disneynature African Cats | Disney

For the opening week of the film, a portion of the procedes go to the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

My question is… is this going to IMAX? I seem to recall that Disney Oceans was in iMAX, but they don’t seem to be advertising African Cats as an IMAX film. We have an IMAX theater in Atlanta, but I’m a little confused by the website because it’s an IMAX theater and a regular theater. How do I know that I’m buying tickets for the IMAX film? The ticket price is $11, which sounds like an IMAX price…

Here is the ticket info… Maybe you could check it out and tell me if it sounds like it’s IMAX. I don’t want to drive all the way to ATL for a movie I could see at home not in IMAX. I might call the theater and ask.


For the last two years that Disney has shown the Earth Day movies we have taken the kids out of school and gone to lunch and the movie. We use it as a teaching tool about the wonders of our planet and it is fun with the family. We have the same plans for this year but we don’t have to take them out of school (it is our spring break).

LMM, I didn’t look at the specific of your tickets but here it costs $8.50 for the regular theater and $12 for the I-MAX. I would say the $11 ticket is IMAX.