After 3 days of musical ADRs here is the new plan


So I’ve been playing musical ADRs for 2 days as we have changed our minds several times. So here are our new plans for now:

Friday June 8: arrival NO ADR Just chill out

Saturday June 9: CRT-Dinner (I booked this one today and was shocked there were times left. First time at dinner for us, we’ve done lunch and breakfast)

Sunday June 10: Tusker House Breakfast

Monday June 11: Kona Cafe Dinner (first time)

Tuesday June 12: Sci Fi Lunch

Wednesday June 13: Le Cellier Lunch

Thursday June 14: Via Napoli Dinner

Friday June 15: Crystal Palace Lunch


I like how you’ve divided them up between three different meals. That’s a terrific idea! Congratulations on CRT! Those are some nice looking choices - love Kona Cafe!


I really want to try Kona Cafe someday! It all looks great!