After 43 years I'm going to WDW with my Parents!


May be its because my first trip to WDW was when I was on my senior class trip, or may be its because I honeymooned there, or may be its because I took my daughter for her first WDW trip when she was only 5 months old, or may be its just because I love WDW so much. Who knows. But finally, much to my surprise after 43 years years, my parents have now decided to go to WDW with us too! I called Disney over the weekend and added them to our room, along with the tickets and dining plan, and purchased their airline tickets too. It will be 4 adults and one teenager in the room, but thats ok. I have two sisters and their families are going too. My parents are both in their 70’s and I’m very lucky that they are both in good health and shape. So I just wanted to share the excitement on this rainy/gloomy day in NJ :sad:, but we need the rain too :wink:


Sounds like a party! I am sure it is going to be a blast!! Ooo, and you are at 50 days, it’s getting there!


That’s awesome! You are going to have a blast showing them around.


That’s wonderful! I hope you all have a fantastic time!


So glad to hear of the recent addition to your trip! I know you guys will have a wonderful time. Enjoy the experience, the memories will last a life time. I can still remember details of trips from as far back as when I was 5 years old! (and that was 20 years ago) :biggrin: :mickey: :biggrin:


Aww that’s great. I hope it’s a magical trip for all.


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear all about it—you’re gonna have a great time!


That’s great news PhilliesFan! Certainly it brightens this wonderful New England monsoon we’re experiencing! And you are staying at the Polynesian right?
Have a Lapu-Lapu gor me when you get there! (Oh, and while you’re at it, have one for Peppertink too!)
And…y’know…some for yourself! :tongue:


Yay!! I’m so happy for you! It took years for my sister and I to talk our parents into going to WDW. Of course they loved it and your parents will too! Congrats and have a great time!

Hee hee…thanks AM for remembering me with the Lapu Lapu thing:)


I think that is great! You will have memories to last a lifetime. Is this your parents first trip ever, or it is just their first trip with you? Whichever, have a blast!!!


I think that’s wonderful! Hope you all have a magical time! :mickey:


And the best part is they don’t have to push you all around WDW in a stroller! :wink:


Yay!! Congrats!!!

That’s awesome news! I took my parents 3 years ago. My mom loved it and my step-dad hated it!


Yes! YOu should make them push you ANYWAY!


That’s great! I am trying to talk my sister and her husband in to going with us sometime.


So true. I told my parents that they should pay, since they never took us as kids! :tongue: My father will be 78 soon and he is like a big kid. He’ll go on all the rides and spend a lot of time in the pool. My mother is actually very excited too. They’ve travelled to Europe, Hawaii, etc, but for some reason they never went to Disney. I know they’ll have a great time. I just hope that I can sleep through my husband and father’s snoring! :eek: