After careful consideration


For some time now I have been getting blurry eyed daily
looking for vacation ideas. a cruise? there a few that are
in our thin time window but I think we will wait to da boys
are both in college or jail and we will cruise alone:happy:
We are not winter vacation folks I get bummed out when
I have to go out and warm the car!:laugh: Las Vegas? yes
that would be great:ohmy: but Helena says not for a family
vacation:pinch:We were married out there and we will be
going back. At some point I need to go to Washington DC
to see my brothers on the wall:crying: But again just me
and Helena.
So (a drum roll please) we are going back to WDW!!!
This will be our third Christmas with da Mouse and we can’t
wait:happy: December 23-31 2009 at SOG. Its a long way
away but I will be able to dazzle you with my restaurant
picks and previews, buy the time its here you all with be
wanting to take us to the airport just to shut me up!!:laugh:


I look forward to all of your details.:blush:


AWWWW, thats awsome Franco, I hope you all have a great time. Will the boys be going or just you and Helena?


Franco, how great is that! Way to go… glad yo uhave a wonderful trip planned, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Congratulations Frank. Does this mean “da boys” are coming along?
I know how you love good food and cannot wait for your choices and plans :wub:


That’s fantastic!! I hope you were able to take advantage of all the great military discounts they are giving!!


Aw Franco, I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait to hear all about your plans. Now enjoy the anticipation of it all.


Yes da boys are coming, Simba my cat refuses to watch them!:laugh:


Wonderful news!:happy: Great way to spend Christmas with your family.


Planning is the best part. Allow me to caution you about going over board on a thread talking about parades and such. There are some people around here that are just over the top.

Hey did you see I gotta a tree house reservation …


Oh Frank thats such great news, have fun planning!


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Oh, and ignore that Boss guy. We all do.:happy:


AWESOME news, Franco!!! Happy Planning!


AWESOME NEWS! Can’t beat a Christmas Disney Trip!! Can’t wait to hear all of the details.


Congrats to you Franco! I am excited to hear all about your plans!


What great news, you are going to have another magical trip. WDW at Christmas is the best, have fun planning your trip.


Yay Franco! That’s terrific!:happy:


Congratulations. There is nothing better than Christmas with the family at Disney.