Afternoon parade at MK


Last June my family went to WDW and due to the heat and crowds we left the park every day in the afternoon to go back to our resort. We missed every parade during the day. We did see the nighttime one at MK sort of-we were pretty far away on the bridge to tomorrowland though. Anyway, next year we are going in Jan. so I plan to stay at the parks for the day. If we have a CRT lunch at the castle and time it right we should be able to come out and see the parade right from in front of the castle. Being a less crowded season does this seem like a good idea or will we have to stake out a place hours early? :sad:

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The parade is usually around 3pm or so. I would make sure you are on hand to line up for the parade by 2pm to be safe and to secure a good location. One of my favorite places to watch the parade is the train station on main street, but you have to get there early to secure seating.


I agree about the upstairs seating at the train station. It’s an AMAZING view of the parade with Main Street and the Castle as a majestic backdrop. I would try hard to get there early and reserve a spot there. If you are going in January it shouldn’t be busy at all, so it will probably be fairly easy.