Afternoon Tea at GF... a few questions


Plans for this were over a year in the making, but I’m finally going with my mom and my grandma in 2 weeks! :happy:

We’ve never been before, so we have a few questions. Has anyone ever done this? What “offerings” are best? Is there a dress code?

Thanks for any advice you can give! :slight_smile:


Never been, but found this on Debs site. Have fun!!


Did this last trip and loved it :wub: Make sure you have a reservation. Tina


There is no dress code - we’ve seen everything from wedding parties dressed like royalty down to, well, us, dressed in our shorts and running shoes! We always order a-la-carte. I used to really enjoy the trifle, but it wasn’t quite as good last summer (still nice, just not quite the same as it used to be). I also like the scones and preserves - it makes you feel like you’re a guest at an old southern mansion! My daughter ordered a pastry once that was shaped like a swan (they show you the choices on a tiered pastry holder - it can be so hard to decide). We prefer to order this way because there are 5 of us and $25/person is a little steep for tea. This way it costs us around $6/person (a cup of tea is $3). Take your time, relax, chat and really take it all in. We usually sit for around an hour just talking, laughing and thinking how lucky we are to be in such a wonderful place at the most magical place on earth!!! Have a great time. :wub:


I need to make afternoon tea again, myself. I miss doing that and having people come over for it.



Steep for tea? I can’t believe you said that! LOL :laugh:


Me neither! It seemed funny at the time!!! :eek:


I approve! :laugh:


I have reservations for afternoon tea on the 7th of May. I can’t wait!!!


Thanks for all the info!!

disyady - I think we’ve decided to do a la carte too, since we thought the same thing about the $25 a person - ouch!! One more question… can you get a different flavor of tea each cup? And along with that… which flavors are the best?


Hi PrincessJill! Yes - each person orders their own pot of tea (the table can get a little crowded!). As for the best flavor, it’s hard to answer that because it’s so subjective, but I can tell you what we have enjoyed. I have tried both the Hot Cinnamon Spice and Black Currant and like them both very much. My oldest DD always has Irish Breakfast because she doesn’t enjoy the flavored kinds. My youngest liked the Formosa Oolong because it had just enough fruit flavor without overpowering the tea. My middle DD had Organic Green Tea with citrus and gingko and thought that it was “the perfect tea”. Our server (Nelson) told us that the gingko would improve her memory! Whatever you choose, have a magical time. :wub: PS - we are all just a tiny bit jealous!!! :wink:


It’s definately worth it. The GF afternoon tea is wonderful and elegant. We especially like the scones with Devonshire clotted cream and jam. As for the tea, we really liked the black current and the Oolong.


Ooh! Ooh! Invite me!! :wub:


Thanks for the suggestions, disyady and quakercub! I was actually looking at both the green tea and the black currant for myself… I’m glad to know they’re good!!!

Unfortunately, we got a little ahead of ourselves - we planned all this out before making an ADR. HUGE oops!! We called and found out they’re all booked for spring break. But I’m looking back at this thread when we DO get to go - lots of good advice! :slight_smile:


When we make the move to Florida we should have a meet and greet at the Grand Floridian Afternoon Tea!!!


Oh, that would be so cool!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: