Again new baggage rules fordelta airlines


Our records indicate you have recently booked travel reservations with that include an itinerary with Delta Airlines. We want to ensure you are aware that Delta has announced a new checked baggage policy for domestic tickets traveling on or after May 1, 2008.

This policy applies to domestic travel. Customers may check one bag for free and a second bag for a $25 USD fee ($50 USD round-trip). The fee may be higher depending on weight and dimensions of the baggage. The fee will be charged to passengers if their itinerary includes segments after May 1 regardless of when the tickets were purchased.

Note: SkyMiles Elite, and First/Business Class passengers are not impacted by this policy change.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Delta Airlines has ensured us they are making air travel as pleasant as possible. We encourage you to pack light if possible and look forward to your trip with confidence. If you have any questions or concerns regarding restrictions and limitations, please refer to the link below which obtains information directly from the airlines website:

Policy Changes


Well… that stinks! There are likely to be more changes if Delta goes through with the merger with Nortwest. With the rising cost of oil, and loss of customers due to their competition, they have to recoup their money somewhere.


do you think this will result in more carry on luggage? I know right now we only take 1 small bag carryon for the two of us. If we were limited to 1 each under (I usually need total of 3 for the two of us) we’ll both carry one one.


I’m flying Delta to NY in may for my niece’s First Communion. My mother is driving up with my aunt a week earlier. I am so glad they are taking my clothes so I won’t have to worry about checked baggage.


So…if you’re a family of 3 - you’re allowed 3 bags at no charge, right?

The 50 lb. weight limit always gets me! I pack, weigh, pack, weigh. Might be cheaper to start shipping your heavy stuff ahead!


I just hope this doesn’t spread to the other airlines. That’s a hefty pricetag to add on to the rising airfares.


You are not kidding.:pinch:


I think it will. This is the third airline in the last few months to do this. My guess is that within a year most airlines will have this policy.


yes, 3 people 3 bags, just means I’ll have to do laundry while on vacation


This just makes me think again about driving instead of flying. At the current price of gas, it is a break-even point for me right now. The question is, do I want to spend the extra days driving?


Only one bag? :huh: How do they expect me to pack my shoes??? :laugh:


It seems after a carrier goes into a new uncharted territory, the other soon follow suit. I know that United is going the same way, and i believe Continental is also. I just hope and pray that South West does not. It might mean shipping things by UPS down and back.


United first announced the policy several months ago. They were followed by US Airways, Delta, Northwest, and Continental. American does not charge for the second bag at this time, but that may change. I’ve also heard that Southwest is considering it, but I don’t know if they’ve decided to implement it or not. Most of the changes have either already gone into effect, or go into effect in early May.


If you all recall I had a small hissy fit when Spirit starting doing this last spring. I had to pay $40 for me and my DD’s luggage. It’s $10 a bag ridiculous on top of paying for airfare if you ask me…then there in the meals you can buy on the flight…weren’t they included once upon a time? I am only going with Spirit again cause it was best price I could find even with the $40 for luggage…I only paid $75 one way and I haven’t had airfare that low in years…had to snag it. That and the Altanic City airport is a pleasure to deal with unlike Philly that is just to stressful for a not so happy flyer like me.

I see this going across the board and everyone doing it eventually in one form or another.


Simply another reason why I fly Southwest Airlines. I just hope that they don’t follow the trend.


southwest recently changed from 3 bags to 2


For us, driving is still MUCH MUCH cheaper than driving! Especially if we take our car that gets 36mpg city!!! It gets even more doing highway exclusively so the Compact Car it is for November! :ohmy: :laugh:


Well if this new trend shows a shift away from the airlines that are doing the extra charge and profit increase to the airlines that do not implement the charge, that could still mean the rebels, like SW, may choose not to go along with the trend.


We travel quite a bit- and almost never check our bags. We each have a large carry on. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t go. Seriously- do you REALLY need all of that stuff?? :ph34r: :laugh:

A family member has a medical condition which increases the amount of baggage. I know circumstances that make it impossible to travel light.

But three sets of clothes everyday? Make your travels a little easier on yourself! I doubt these extra charges will go away, so think twice before packing all of those extra shoes.:tongue:

We’re also trying Owner’s Locker starting in May… Hopefully we’ll be flying with backpacks only for our other trips this year.


I found myself in Hawaii this past December with one of my bags a bit overweight…

I was so happy that my “Flying Colonel” status still meant something… :wub:

Luckily for me, neither Hawaiian nor Air New Zealand is being harsh on the luggage rule. Of course, for what they charge, they shouldn’t…