Against all advice we are going in april


well against all of the wonderful knowledgeable advice i got … we are doing it I just booked april 3 to the 10th… april 3 is dh birthday… when we first started taking about going he was all, no lets to it in October… but then he realized his b day fell in that time… we will be in Tampa on the second to take our dd back down… so he said since we are in the neighborhood and we can get such a good deal… why not? so i said mousebuzz said it will be super crowded …he says well we go in the summer and it is super crowded… and maybe in April it wont be as hot… and after all we can get such a good deal…

so we are staying at port Orleans riverside… the french q was sold out… scary huh… all of the all stars values except the sports is sold out… we really had no interest in the sports so we took riverside… how is PO riverside? any opinions?..
I made my adrs… we are doing

mexico for dinner on 4/3 his pic for his b day…
cp for breakfast on 4/5 8:10 am
Ohanas breakfast 8:10 am on 4/04
narcooses for dinner on 4/06 at 6:55 pm
ohanas diner 6:55 pm on 4/7
lecelliers 8:25 diner on 3/8

with what i have we need one more dinner… narcoose is two on the dining plans…any suggestions.?


How about that new restaurant at the Contemporary resort? The Wave has had great reviews


the wave? i will check it out thanks dopey.


ok, you check it out and report back after your trip :wink:


Easter is not unti the 12th, so you might be leaving before it gets too crowded!

And I would love to be going with you in April!


I can’t wait to read your TR because we are going at the exact same time next year!


GO FOR IT! Advice is subject to change and always negotiable. You’ll have a BLAST!


We went in April 2005 and LOVED it! We went last October and were miserable from the crowds and hot, stormy weather. I’m glad you chose April. It’s still Disney, and I just know you’ll have a great time!


the values being sold out isn’t really scary…the idea that you got those great ADRS this close and at decent times tells me it shouldn’t be so bad. It will definately be cooler than summer and probally less crowded than July/August. The values and all the mods except CS is sold out for February…I couldn’t even get in POR, so your crowd levels may not be so bad after all.


thanks to all of see why i love this site… i need one more adr for dinner we pay for breakfasts. cp is a tradition and we loved ohana… breakfast was wonderful and we really want to try dinner… but where else? we got our favorites. i thought about bomas but dh wasnt sure about the menu… someplace different… i checked out the menu for the Wave not sure…


I would not worry about booking Ohana. Go to the Polynesian at 3:30pm. Register at the podium. They take walk-up in the first hour they open. I was able to do this is very crowded August. I was at the table by 4:10pm having a cold drink. Try to book and get a time you want first, but try this option if you are unsucessful.


got ohana at a time we wanted for both bkfast and dinner. need one more adr… cant decide where … we have two outside of the park. would like someplace inside one of the parks other then Epcot… unfortunately most of the places we like are at epcot… we need to find someplace different at one of the others…


Take the boat down to Saratoga Springs and have dinner at the Turf Club - you’ll love it. Good food in a great atmosphere. The restaurant overlooks the golf club and the Sassagoula River. It’s very relaxing.

I think April is a great time - and you’re going before Easter.

I have the feeling that the values are being booked up by groups (cheerleaders, etc.:pinch:).


I wouldn’t worry about what you’ve been told, you’ll have a great time anyway. Is there ever the perfect time to do Disney world? I dont think there is, but its what you make of it so go and enjoy- I wish it were me going in April :slight_smile: