Against my better judgment I booked Airtran..mistake


After an awful experience with Airtran two years ago (and some other MBers bad experiences), I swore I would not fly with Airtran again.

To make a long story short, we are going to WDW in January and because of their flight schedule, I had to go with Airtran. I booked non-stop flights several months ago. Flight time to MCO from here is just over an hour.

This morning, I found out by accident that Airtran changed our return itinerary significantly, and I was never notified. The new return flight has a TWO hour layover! I must change in Atlanta, and we must leave WDW two hours earlier and we arrive an hour later. The normal flight is just over an hour long.

In addition to these issues, we chose to stay at AKL Concierge Club for the end of our stay, and we will lose our time at AKL because of the changed itinerary.

Sooooo, I called Airtran’s Customer Relations- the woman I spoke with really was very nice and really tried to see what could be done for us, but the other flights got in way too late- we wouldn’t get home until after midnight. She said that we could get a full refund with no penalty, but prices have gone up on other airlines since we booked months ago. She said that I could call her back personally in a few weeks, since schedules might still change. She will put us on any flight and not charge us a change fee.

My question to her: Since Airtran would charge us $75 per person to change our itinerary, don’t I deserve a credit of $75 per person since Airtran changed our itinerary?

She laughed.

Moral of the story… go with your gut… stick with your convictions! A vacation to WDW is too important:laugh:


Sorry to hear about the changes to your itenerary. I’ve flown Airtran several times and never had problem. Hopefully the customer service agent will keep her word and give you the flight you want and need.


I really love Airtran that is all I fly out of Philly. I can’t believe they would change a non-stop into a lay over without as much as a email. I hope all works out for you


If she could, I’m sure she would. The problem is that it no longer exists, and they never notified me.


This sounds terrible. I’ve not flown AirTran, and I’ll remember to avoid it in the future.


That would be so frustrating! :angry: I hope they can work something out for you, because that’s just stinky.


Well, it pales in comparison to what you went through! I’m going to stop being annoyed, because I’m going to WDW anyway:happy:


I am happy to report that I have replaced Airtran with US Air- the most ironic thing is that it is less expensive! I never noticed the taxes and fees are $30 per person! Airtran also charges you extra if you want to have assigned seats:eek: SO, I actually spent $20 less and did get a refund from Airtran, since the itinerary was completely changed.:laugh:


Glad to hear things worked out for ya!!


Our Airtran flight time has changed quite a few times since we booked it. Only by 10 or 15 minutes. Each time a recieved an e mail. I wonder why they did not contact you.
I am glad things worked out for you. Have a great trip!


Good for you…

My son and DIL had their flight changed, by moving them 2 hours early on their return flight too (but it stayed non stop) They were upset as they had to catch the magical express at 5:30 am instead of 7:30 am. this made a real early flight. but they had really great prices ($59 each way) but yes they did have to pay for assigned seats.

sometimes that has an advantage though - assigned seats.

We have always flown southwest and am very happy with them. they have never changed our times, been on time leaving and always early into the receiving airport. We’ve always been fortunate to get an A boarding pass though too.

I like how southwest offers that you can change your flight. Right now I have a $100 credit with them because my flight rates went down. It has to be used by the end of July and is transferrable to anyone. My daughter may use it to go to DW in the spring!



The customer rep I spoke to said that they probably hadn’t gotten around to it yet:confused: :angry: :blink: When were they going to get around to it? Probably when a replacement ticket on another airline was $800!:laugh:


Well, I booked Airtran again just last night. We have only 2 non-stop options from here. I am pretty much stuck with them. They have changed times for us in the past. Here’s crossing my fingers for this next time.


I spoke too soon- Airtran has done it yet AGAIN! They only refunded a portion of our return tickets… they rebooked us and charged me a higher rate for the flight into Orlando! To recap: without notification, they changed a non-stop 1+ hour flight into two flights with a 2 hour layover. Grrrrrr. Why do I put myself through this hassle?

I asked if Airtran would waive the assigned seat charge as compensation for our troubles, but she said “no, we don’t do those things”. I replied that Airtran doesn’t seem to be doing things with the customer in mind at all.

My countdown says 47 days, so that makes up for this yuckiness :mickey:


It gets even better… I avoided the “Direct Booking Fee” of $7.50 per person when I booked my original tickets online. Because I had to call customer service when Airtran rearranged my itinerary, they tacked on the $22.50 fee ($7.50 x 3 people)because I spoke to A PERSON! No joke. It is hidden in the fees. I keep copies of everything. Noone is able to help me with this- they say that I am lucky that Airtran gave me a partial refund:blink: Umm, are you kidding??

If I ever book with Airtran again, please knock some sense into me. I wish everyone else luck!


That is just WRONG!!! :angry:
I have worked for an airline long ago and I remember them issuing refunds for inconveniencing passengers!!!

Where do you fly out of btw?

I flew Air tran last year out of EWR but had to change planes in ATL.
No choice, that’s all I could get.
Well… the flight leaving home was late, and we nearly missed our connection flight! We had to RUN from one terminal to another in that BIG ATL airport within a few minutes time!!! :pinch: :angry: I threw out my knee (I had surgery on it 3mos prior), and I swore NEVER AGAIN!!!

It it wasn’t a connecting flight I dont think it woulda been so bad but each flight left a little late!


We fly out of Charlotte now. I really wish Southwest could get some gates here! It was a rumour last year, but oh well…

Airtran or not, we’re still going to WDW!


customer service is all but extinct.


A small victory: I got Airtran to remove the direct booking fee of $22.50 which they tried to sneak by me!