Age old question - Fly or drive


We are heading to Disney in under a month, and I am totally stuck. Kids want to fly, and hubby wants to drive. Both hubby and I HATE to fly, but I tell you, with gas prices, it’s getting hard to use the excuse of saving some money. Anyone else in this same position? I’m just worried if we bite the bullet, hubby won’t enjoy himself, thinking about the flight home.


I am in the SAME boat as you. As of right now, it’s still about $300 cheaper for me to DRIVE (I’ve never done it before!). Unless I get an awesome DING fare, driving it is. 1100 miles each way, from New York City. With two kids. YEE-HAW!!! :noo:


Drive, Drive, Drive!!! Our family has both driven the trip and flew!!! We are about 1060 miles from WDW. My parents always drove with me and my brother and we (hubby and me) now drive with my son. I guess it was kind of easy for my parents because my brother was a bookworm and I got car sick so I took dramamine and slept through entire states at a time. Just plan on sleeping somewhere…it’s too long to drive through in my opinion, but I guess I just feel bad for my hubby because I still take dramamine and sleep through states at a time, no need for me to drive!


We always plan on driving but fly if we get a great deal on airline tickets. The last two years we’ve gotten flights under $70 so we’ve grabbed them but I don’t enjoy flying. I don’t mind the drive but it’s nice to get there in 2 hours rested and ready to go. As much as I hate flying it is easier, especially with Magical Express.


I have always flown, but with the way airfare has been, we decided to drive from the Seattle area to Anahiem (roughly 1200 miles) on our trip last month. We ended up spending around $300 in gas. It would have cost us three times that for the three of us to fly. The drive was actually much easier than I expected. If your family can handle car trips, I say go for it!


Drive is beautiful the drive from there, except the DC area that is a killer.
Plan to leave about noon and have a hotel somewere in NC or SC .
There is plenty of places to visit on your way there i did it about a month ago to take my sister back to NYC and on my way down i stoped at Kings Dominion in VA and had a blast.
Plus it did beat flying that was about $100+ extra than gas.


That’s a tough one. Personally, I’m about 7-7.5 hours away (ok, so I speed a bit; crucify me) so I’m driving. My buddy from NJ, who is meeting us down there, is flying. We like to have a car because we go to Universal and, well, we just like having one and I get 30mpg ('05 V6 Altima) on the highway so I can do the trip on one tank.

But, in your case, that’s a looooong drive and you’re wasting about two days in travel time. Then again, for 5 people to fly down, that’s going to be a bunch of cashola, not to mention the cost of renting a car if you need one. I’m leaning towards driving for you.


The problem with driving is that it takes 2 days off your vacation at least (one day down and one day back). How well do your kids travel in the car? It seems as if mine can’t even go 30 minutes without annoying each other and me. I would rather stick a needle in my eye than drive. a flight will take about 2 hours and you are ready to go to the parks. If you drive you will be worn out when you get there.


Driving would be tourture to me. I don’t like to fly but I gladly take the idea of getting there in 2 hours. I would fly.


We usually fly, but last year and for our upcoming trip next month we’re driving. The drive isn’t too bad. I’m packing movies, made a CD of all Disney themed songs to get us in the “mood”, and have little “surprises” for the kids (mostly from the dollar store), which keeps them busy.


We drive all over the USA, so I say drive. Maybe you could invest in a portable DVD player. Trust me, this makes all the difference. However, you know your kids best. From where you are it is a long drive.

Maybe you’ll still find a great airfare deal.


^The DVD player is a great idea. I even bought my wife one for Christmas this year (I do all the driving). So, if it works for an adult, I’m sure it will keep a child occupied for at least a little while.


We drove down this past June. Checked prices to fly down, it was going to cost us about $950. to $1200. I even looked into renting a plane and fly us down, that was about $1,100. Total cost of gas for the trip was around $300. That included a trip to Tampa and then home. Quite a savings. DD and DS took Gameboys and CD players. Kept them occupied down and back. It will take two days to get there unless you do a marathon drive like we did our first day, 16 hours. We were one hour from WDW. We slept in the next day and we were rested and ready to go when we got to WDW. Gas prices were about the same all the way down. Yes it takes two extra days, but the cash saved is well worth it. Just my opinion.


I see you are from Illinois… We live about 30 miles south of Chicago, and for us we have been finding some great deals on Southwest. In May we flew round trip for around $105 per person. Now we are looking for our Nov. trip. JOANN:mickey: :flowers:


Although we are only about 10 hours away for WDW by car, my family hasn’t driven down in a long time. DF, DM and I drove to Daytona many years ago, and DF vowed never to drive that far again. He was so worn out after the drive. So now, we fly. It takes us about an hour to get to WDW by plane. And we love it. That way you can get there, and start having fun right away. No need to rest.


We must be pretty close because we are about 1020 miles from WDW, but we have decided to fly anytime we can now. The last time we drove, we drove straight through and I don’t think we would ever do that again! It wore us out! We love the fact that we can be at WDW in 2 hours instead of 15-16 hours. Plus, this time with our trip we did get airfare under $70, so that was a plus too. I am sure that once DD gets older we will drive again just so she can see other states, etc, but for now we will be flying.


For us, DH refuses to drive…too long of a trip. I don’t mind the drive but he just doesn’t get the extra vacation days to cover those extra days it takes to drive down and then back up. We drove down in 1997 but back then it was only the two of us and we were alot younger…Now with a 2 1/2 year old we’d definatly have to stop. She was good with a 12 hr drive to Myrtle Beach but to FL would really be pushing it. But as everyone else had said it really depends on the child (and husbands’ too!!)

Good luck with you decision!


i have done both several times and if you have time driving is ok. But I would rather have two or more rested days on vacation in WDW. The drive going is always exciting but the drive home is l o n g…If you watch fares weeks in advance you can get a good price. Save your pennies and fly. Gee you can hold you breath that long, fly fly fly…


I would prefer to fly, but the pop-up camper is too big for carry-on luggage.

Seriously, we once calculated a great air fare that made flying “cheaper.” But in the end, we wound up paying more (we needed a hotel near the airport because the flight was so early. Airport parking. Tip the baggage guys. Have food in the airport. Rent a car/arrange for transportation.)

I say drive. Then “See Rock City. See Ruby Falls” on the way.


That’s a tough one, depending on where you are in Illinois, that could one really long drive . I would still probably drive if I lived farther away. I am not a fan of flying.