Age old question


I once again am brining up the age old question, would you stay at a lower priced resort to stay at wdw longer??
I have 8 nights planned in May, for now, so how should I spend them??
It was originally 7 nights at a moderate, probably POR, since thats all I can seem to book as of now. Then I decided well how about 4 nights PC and 3 nights WL, but for another $50 I can add an extra night at PC, so it became 8 nights total.
Anyways with me being a Disney Dreamer and my DW a Disney realist, what is better? Saving the money at a moderate or budget and extending the time or just going with the Budget/Deluxe plan??
Also with me being the Disney dreamer, its going to be my DS 1st trip to wdw and with my plan we would be at WL in time for my DW to celebrate her 2nd mothers day, so you know I want it to be magical!


Let me first say that I love the deluxe resorts, we have fallen in love with WL and BC. However, we decided to make a special trip for my DS’s 8th birthday and we had not set any money aside all year. To make the trip at least a week long and still keep a budget we decided to stay in a moderate resort.

So I guess the answer to your question is yes, I would stay at a lower priced resort to extend our stay.


No, that is a delima we had on this past trip. We couldv’e stayed at a value or moderate and stayed for 2-3 weeks, but we wanted to stay in a deluxe this time. We hadn’t stayed in one since our honeymoon in 98 and it was just something we wanted to do. We still got 9 wonderful days there.


yes, I would do whatever it took if i wanted to stay at WDW for an extended period of time.


It comes down to a personal choice. I like the extra space, so would go with comfort for a shorter stay.


Yes, I have no problem going lower priced for a longer stay. I’m not one to spend much time in the rooms during the day, only for sleeping and an occassional break. So the lack of space isn’t a big issue for me.


I would have no problem going for a longer time and staying at a less expensive resort. We have stayed at the WL(which is gorgeous) but for our trip last Dec., we could not get any good rates. We switched to POR/POFQ and were able to stay for 11 days for the same money we would have spent for 7 days at WL. It was well worth it. And the difference in the rooms was not as huge as I had expected. We were really pleased with the moderates. By the way, good to see you posting again!


We contemplated the exact same thing and decided it was worth it to stay in a value resort to extend our stay. We spend more time at the parks than we do at the resort so the small room doesn’t bother the three of us.


I would definitely go for the longer stay. We use our room mostly as a crash pad. We are at the parks all day and into the night and use it as a place to sleep and swim. I would rather spend a whole week at a value than only a couple days at a deluxe even though I’ve always dreamed of staying at a deluxe.


This is definitely a personal choice. For us, we’d go for comfort for however long we could. We don’t like staying in the values at all.


Same here. Longer stay over nicer resort:smile:


It really depends on the trip. If you have another trip in the works and know you’ll be going back to WDW soon, I’d go with the Deluxe. If you know this is a one-shot deal, I’d stay longer so I could experience more.

I think I’d go with the budget/deluxe plan if I were you. Can’t base that on much, it just sounds more appetizing in general.


I’m a longer stay vs. nicer resort girl, too.

and, your DS will LOVE the values - so much fun to play in the courtyards! My kids had a BLAST at the Pop! THey had WAY more fun there then they did at CSR. That, in turn, made the stay more fun for me.


I think the value resorts are fun for kids. The theming is very Disney and kid-friendly. We stayed there and loved it and weren’t in the room that much, it too was a “crash pad” like karliebug said. And bottom line is - more days at Disney!!! YES!!!


Longer stay is my vote as well. We do spend so little time in the room.


Yep…me too. Longer stay/cheaper room. I’ve actually been four times since October 2004 and our next trip (the 5th) will be the first stay outside a value (we’ll be at POR). It’s always been perfectly fine with us as we don’t stay in the room too much. The only reason we went with a Mod this time is that we wanted to try something different.


I would stay the seven in a moderate. I would prefer to have a bigger resort. I spend a lot of down time at the resorts and that is someting that is important to me. If I didn’t go every year, then the length of trip may be more important and I may go to a value to get more time there.


I go at least twice a year and I still can’t get enough of WDW! So we stay at moderates so we can stay longer. Joe


I’m a longer stay kinda guy. Once I’m there in WDW, I HATE leaving, so adding an extra day to a trip is worth almost any sacrafice in my opinion.

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