Agent P soft opening


It looks like Agent P is in soft opening right now. From this video it looks like they used the Kim Possible things and just re-themed the mission. Either way I can’t wait to see it.

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure now testing at Epcot - Orlando Attractions Magazine


Seeing as I just bought “The Perry Files” on DVD and can’t wait to pick up an Agent P beanie to add to the rouges gallery of stuffed characters at the top of the stairs, I might give this a spin if my niece says she’s interested (though I hope she isn’t because we really don’t have enough time as it is).

Hey, where’s Perry?


I’m hoping this is lots of fun ~ my kids (& me!) love Perry! They were never interested in KimPossible ~ I think DD15 is the only one that remembered the show. At any rate, they’re excited to try this new Phineas & Ferb themed adventure in September!


That’s awesome, my 7 yr old is going to love this!!


Just showed the video to DD. She’s excited to try it.


We had a lot of fun with Kim Possible and didn’t watch the show so this will be even better since it’s so current. I can’t wait to watch our son play it on our next trip–in 25 days.


Lucky you! :mickey:


But our trip will be over and you’ll still have a count down you can rub in (not that you would do anything like that…).