Agust ADR's - I got what I wanted!


I called first thing this morning:phone:, got right through:smile:, made my ADR’s, hung up then thought to myself:ohmy: some of these won’t work:noo:. After a few more phone calls and tweeks to my ADR’s I was finally able to get everything I wanted on the date and at the time I needed. I am VERY HAPPY:smile::smile:!!

Here is my final list:

Day 1: Wolf Gang Puck Cafe 5:30pm
Day 2: San Angel 5:30pm
Day 3: The Wave 5:35pm
Day 4: 50’s Prime Time Cafe 5:40pm
Day 5: Sanna 5:30pm
Day 6: Garden Grill 5:30pm
Day 7: Chef Mickey’s 5:35pm


Congratulations! A triumphant ADR call is always good news.


LOOKS AWESOME!!! Enjoy!! :wub:


Great! Have a fabulous time!


I’m glad to hear it worked out for you, and also glad to hear the wait times in the morning aren’t like they were a couple of weeks ago!:ohmy:


Whoo-hoo! That’s is fabulous! Great choices too. Have a wonderful trip!


congrats! looks great! i called today to make a payment and the CM advised me i could make my ADRs today. i advised him 90 days is on June12th but he still said i could do it so he transfered me but i hung up because i knew it wasbt true.