Ah... Help!- Hotel for large group?


My family and a couple of friends have decided to go to Disney. Their is one thing… we need help choosing where to stay! It’s going to be me, my mom, my cousin, my brother, and my best friend. We need a hotel room that can help out with our big size on Disney property. We are not DVC members and don’t know where to stay! HELP!

  • Justin


You are limited to deluxes resorts (not AKL or WL) with 5 people or you have the option to rent a cabin at FW which may be your best bet. POR sleeps 5 with a trudle bed, but that would be SERIOUSLY crowded with 5 grown people. You could also think about getting two connecting rooms at a value resort or a value suite at AS music…that’s even better.


I would recommend renting DVC points and staying in a 2 bedroom suite at one of the DVC resorts! It would give you tons of room to spread out; anywhere else with 5 adults and you are probably going to find yourself very cramped.

Renting points can turn out to be very economical; it’s often a better deal than paying for 2 rooms elsewhere.

If you’re really on a tight budget, I second Dana’s suggestion to look into the suites at All-Star Music. :happy: Happy hotel hunting!


Thank you for sharing your opinions… I was actually thinking about renting DVC points… We don’t want to be cramped yet we are on a budget… we will check it out thank you.

  • Justy


When we went in 07 My niece and sister inlaw went with us. We found it cheaper to rent two rooms at CSR than it was to rent anything else. Our rooms had a door between them so it was as if we had one place.


What do you guys think about the SSR? Their is a three Bedroom Villa that we are looking at but my mom thinks it’s off the path of Disney and doesn’t have the magical touch as Disney… any suggestions?


I rented points to stay at SSR last year and we loved. It is a beautiful resort and we will definitely stay there again. My kids enjoyed it and they were only 5 and 7 at the time!!


How is the bus service and is it far from everything?

  • Justy


We were in the Congress Park section annd the bus service was good. We had a car also, so many times we took it. It is not super close to any of the parks, but the rides to and from the parks were not bad!!


SSR’s is great!

But how about saving some $$$ and rent a 2 bedroom rather then 3 bedroom. a two bedroom sleeps 8 people

Or if you would want to save even more money/points, you could rent two studios for the same price of a one bedroom in most cases! Each studio has a queen bed and a full sofa sleeper (comfy ones!)


I dont know what you think about the value resorts but we stayed in the All Star Sports and got connecting rooms.

If you have more than 2 adults to a room I think it is around $10.00 extra per night but you can have 4 people to a room.

We had a great time and it was fairly inexpensive. Just a suggestion

The “Touch Down” bar area is nice at night and the kids enjoy just hanging out.

Good Luck!



My mantra when traveling with a group is “get another bathroom!”.

I can’t think of anything that would spoil a trip more than 5 adults sharing one tiny hotel bathroom. Go for whatever option allows you more space.


Well, if you’re looking to save money…

Your best deal would be the family suite at the AllStar Music. Then the trundle option at POR Alligator Bayou and Fort Wilderness cabin.

Now renting DVC points, though it’s a great way to save money on accommodations, it can be expensive, especially with the 2-bedroom (it’s only a good deal considering how much you would’ve spent if you hadn’t booked through DVC). Sarasota Springs and Old Key West appear to be the least expensive DVC options.

However, the price (depending on what time of year you book) of a 2-bedroom DVC room that sleeps 8 will most likely exceed the price of a standard room at a deluxe resort that sleeps 5 (Contemporary, Poly, GF, Boardwalk, etc.). That’s when you have to look at what you need… (in economics, this is called “opportunity cost” :laugh:)

If all of you are guys except for your mother, I’m assuming you’ll probably want your own beds (I’ve learned that guys can be weird about sleeping together). And two bathrooms would be nice. And, with the 2-bedroom, your mother could have her own room and the rest of you could be divided among the living area and other bedroom. That’s three beds, so two would still have to share a bed, but it would still be more comfortable than all squeezing into one hotel room.

Let’s also factor in cost… who is paying for this? Are you splitting the price five ways, or is mom covering it all? This will probably have a lot of impact on your final decision.

If you’re curious as to how much per person per night it is at the AllStar Music Suites and several Grand Villas, I’ve actually worked it out on a spreadsheet for April 2009 (Thursday-Saturday… keep in mind that weekends are more expensive, typically $20, totalling at $150/night), and it comes to $75 per person for the 3 night stay (with 6 people in the room). For the same nights, the Grand Villa at Old Key West was the least expensive, totalling around $169.34 - 211.67 a night per person with 12 people in the room ($8-$10 a point, typical selling range on Disboards…). Quite a difference.

I definitely suggest creating a spreadsheet with all of your possibilities (and if you’re too lazy, PM me and I’ll do it for you! :laugh:)!

Good luck with your accommodations and have fun at Walt Disney World!


An important factor is that villas include kitchens! You reall can’t compare a two-bedroom villa at SSR with two regular hotel rooms- they are two different categories.


I agree with this. You can’t compare.

I just got back from SSR. While we stayed in a studio, I’ve also stayed in a 1-BR…The 2 BR is a combination of the studio and the 1-BR…between the full kitchen and the jacuzzi tub, I’d pick the villa. At SSR I like staying in the Grandstand area (first stop on the way back from the parks). It’s also close to the main building area (for refillable mug use, main pool, and last bus stop).

The other thing to consider is that when renting/using DVC points. Sun nights through Thursday nights (Friday departures) are the cheaper points for all times of year.


I jsut got back SSR in February on rented points. It was ideal and TOTALLY disney. It has disney transportation and is just like any other resort…just more “home-like”.


Not all the 2 bedrooms at SSR are a one bedroom plus studio. We had a regular 2 bedroom suite on our stay. The second bedroom was huge! I’d say it was the size of a room at a luxury resort and had 2 queen size beds, (plus it’s own bathroom of course). There is also a pullout sofa sleeper (queen-size) in the living room. The master has a king-size bed. More than enough room for 5. (OKW suites are even bigger).


Thank you for your suggestion guys. We decided to stay at the all star movies and get two connecting rooms. It might be tight but we are only going to sleep their you know? We want to be in the parks. We only have a short time.

  • Justin


Great choice! I’ve stayed at the AllStar Movies, and it has a super fun theme (plus Mousekeeping is extra nice! :happy:). Hope you have a wonderful time at WDW!


Thanks :).

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