Ahoy pin folk!


Hi future pinpals… I’m a long time pin collector and (fairly) recent Pinpic trader that has discovered the many joys of online pin communities. My wife (Amy - aka Pudgethefish) and I love all things Disney and have corrupted our kids accordingly. We all love to trade with CM’s in WDW whenever we get there - two to three times a year from CT. Between trips we visit the WOD store in NYC, attend local pin meets, watch loads of Disney DVD’s, and live vicariously through others by reading their trip reports to get our Disney fix. Last year we finally managed to attend a MVMCP in WDW! What a blast. We look forward to a kid-free long weekend in May for the Flower & Garden Show to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and hope to return in October as we’ve never gotten down for MNSSHP! We’d love to talk pins or whatever else with all of the fine folk here… happy posting!

Peace & Pins,

Andrew :noo:


Welcome to Disney Central. Many of us are major pins traders, so you will be in good company here. :cool:


Cool! Thanks for the welcome Dana. I found the reception a bit chilly on some other sites… but my wife posts/lurks here for trip planning, etc. so I thought I’d give it a try. I collect any pin from Sleeping Beauty (Maleficent, Flora, Fauna, Merryweather,Phillip, Aurora), WDW attraction/restaurant/resort/etc. pins, plus a few minor sub-set type mini collections. Amy collects Alice in Wonderland pins, Lilo, and Holiday pins without dates. Molly (5) collects Chip & Dale, Minnie, Tink, Daisy, and every obscure minor character she comes across! Matthew (1) collects Pluto - he just doesn’t know it yet! I hope we can swap some day soon.
Check out my traders… dizpinfreak on Pinpics.

Peace & Pins,
Andrew :noo:


Hi-dee-ho Dizpinfreak! Your screen name is a good one! :biggrin:

Just don’t let Aurora know you collect Maleficent, because she might call her prince on you like she almost did to me… :pinch:


Hi There…


Welcome Welcome to the best Disney forum you could find!!


Well hello there. Welcome to DC. I wouldn’t call myself or any of my family pin “freaks,” but we do enjoy collecting and trading on occasion. You can check out my pins on pinpics under “disneyhog6” although I do have to admit I haven’t updated any new pins in about a year. My collection is probably double what it is on there. I’ll get to it one of these days… :wink:


Welcome dizpin to this great place! I had the same problem that you did with the cold reception from other sites. But now I’m here and it ROCKS!!! Btw, I’m a huge pin collector as well(I am obessed w/ebay :P). I like Cruella pins, holiday ones, or mainly just ones that I like. But glad your with us at DC!


Thanks for the warm welcome… I’ve been home nursing two sick kids for the past 48 to 72 hours - I need a weekend, a maid, a Mojito, and a massage therapist… not necessarily in that order! My wife will be home from work in about an hour - tag, she’s it. My traders are listed under dizpinfreak on Pinpics if anyone wants to swap pins. Type to you later…

Peace & Pins,


LOL… I love the thread title! Ahoy Pin Folk! ROFL!!!



You probably aren’t trading them though. :wink:


I just wanted to say welcome!!



Hey c-palace - sorry… I’ve only got Buzz and Mulan for trade from that set. The two you need don’t look that hard to trade for… Herc probably a bit easier than Little Sushi. I’d be happy to try and help you set up the trades. Are you listed on Pinpics? Just let me know…

Peace & Pins,
Andrew :noo:


Yes been for awile. Username: zebby65 thanks.


Tink74 - thanks for the welcome. Congrats on your new addition. We tried bouncing our baby boy… it wasn’t pretty! :eek:

MissDisney - Happy to oblige with the yuks… I hope your floor is cleaner than ours! Argh! :pirate:

Peace & Pins,
Andrew :noo:


Hi there, dizpinfreak, and welcome. The people on DC welcome everyone with open arms and if they could they would personally bring you a nice warm right out of the oven apple pie. They really helped in my trip planning.

I’m starting to get a handful of pins for my 2 DSs to trade for our upcoming trip. It’s only our 2nd trip to WDW (2nd one in 2 years, though). I think I just did pretty good- got 10 pins on eBay for $21.00. We’re not serious collectors/traders (yet). Just doing it so the boys can have a little fun.



Wow great price hunting! That’s a buck a pin! Who’s the seller?


c-palace, actually with shipping, insurance, it works out to be $2.60 per pin. A lot better than full price, though.


c-palace, actually with shipping, insurance, it works out to be $2.60 per pin. A lot better than full price, though.