Air Conditioning at Pop Century


This was our first trip to Disney. We’re from NJ and not used to the really hot and humid temps in Sept. The air conditioning in our room was preset not to go down past 68. When we sleep we really would have liked it at more like 65 degrees. My 18 yr old decided to see if there was anything they could do so he asked at concierge. They were very nice they said someone would be up to our room within 1/2 hour. A service man came in and reprogrammed the air down to 65. It felt great! So if you want it really cool in your room you can ask.


I think that’s a good solution, and typical Disney. Try to keep cost down by limiting extremes, but allowing personal preference when requested.


There is a way to over ride the system. I need to review some notes, and I’ll post it. I think DAC found it once upona time.


That was smart. I think I would have just assumed 68 was how it is and not pursued it.


Good to know. We’re staying there in Dec and I melt easily…


:ohmy: 68 is quite cool! Even in mid summer we keep our’s on 80 in the day, 78 at night and we’re both nippy crawling into bed. Burrr


I’m glad that worked out for you and it’s a great tip. Wow, 65 is really cold. Ours was set at 71 and we were cold. You must really like it chilly.


Holy Mickey! I keep mine here (also in NJ) around 70-71* and Im usually cold! lol


Yeah, but honestly, even when the thermostat SAYS 68 degrees it may NOT actually be 68 degrees in the room. We usually turn ours down to 65 too if possible 'cause usually that means our room will be about 68-70 degrees.


That’s crazy talk.


Being from South Louisiana we love our air conditioning…good to know for next trip in December! thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Isn’t Pop one of the resorts with the motion sensor air conditioning? I know some of the resorts have it and since Pop is new I think it may be there. If there has been no movement in the room, which would happen while you are asleep at night, the A/C reverts to a preset temp to conserve energy.

I have heard of people tying a balloon to the vent so there is always some slight movement.


65!!! :ohmy: WOW!! I’m very surprised they lowered it for you. I know my A/C guy (I live in FL) recommended I NEVER put the thermostat down below 72 (makes the unit work overtime, doesn’t really get cooler) I keep my temp at 78 degrees . . . day and night . . . nice and comfy for us!


man we set our on 76 year round… any lower and we are cold and hotter and I can not stand it…I work where even in Jan. it is a comfortable 90 and in august a normal august it is around 105. and I work in the cool part of the factory.