Air Tran


Has anyone ever flown with Air Tran? How was the experience? Do they charge a lot of extra fees on top of the base price found online? Air Tran has the cheapest flights for us that I’ve seen so far.


I flew them 4th of July from West Palm Beach to Pittsburgh and everything was wonderful. I am not sure of any extra fees except for picking you seat prior to the 24 hours before your flight. I only used a carryon so I do not know if they had any bag fees. I would fly them again!


I have flown Airtran several times (because of the low fares). Be aware that they seem to change schedules more than other airlines. To make a long story short, I have been forced to request a refund and rebook on other carriers twice. I would still fly with them, but I frequently check the flight schedule since I wasn’t notified of the schedule changes (and they were major changes).


Someone posted this link a while back when all the airlines started coming up with add-on prices. It’s a very helpful comparison chart:

Airline Fees: The Ultimate Guide -

(click to download chart in pdf)


Every time we fly to Disney we use Airtran. I think its the best and most inexpensive airline. We used to fly Spirit but they kept changing our flights. I would recommend Airtran.


We have flown airtran many times from Chicago to Orlando. We always select our seats ahead of time and pay the extra fee. But you can check in 24 hours before your flight and pick your seats for free.
My husband and DD just returned from Orlando last week. They flew airtran- had no problems.
I have no complaints!


We’re flying with them come Monday. Hope all goes well. I’ve been checking everyday now to make sure nothing has changed. So far so go.


We rode Airtran from Indy to Orlando this past summer. Everything was fine. Service was good. We were delayed on the way home but that is unavoidable. As far as extra fees, no we did no incur any. In fact round trip for all of us, non-stop, was around $200. I think you could claim two bags for no charge and you got a snack (pretzels) and choice of drink. All told I would rate the entire experience as being an 8/10. I would fly Airtran again if they had the best price.


I’ve flown Airtran a few times. They’re one of two airlines that have regular flights out of White Plains. Right now they’re charging for for 1st and 2nd baggage. I just missed the deadline…grrr. First bag is $15 and second is $25. Considering they’re still cheaper than my alternative that doesn’t charge for first baggage, I still fly with them.


We’re booked with AirTran for our Feb. trip. I’m usually really anal about picking my seats, but I’m not paying the extra charge to do so. I’m flying with a 5 year old, so I’m sure they’ll put us together, even if it means switching someone else. (Who wants to sit next to a 5 yo that’s not theirs!) I had booked our flights before the baggage fees, so we’re good there. They’ve already changed one of our flights, but only by 10-15 min., so I’m ok with that. They had the best price and best schedule for us, so I’m willing to try them.


Good people, newer planes. Go for it.


I like air tran. they are the cheapest, and the last flight we were on, they had XM Satellite radio built into the arm rest,and they supplied head phones. I dont know if that helps any, but I thought it was pretty neat. Id defintly fly AirTran again.