Airfare Gamble


Well, I finally just booked the airfare for our August flight from Boston. We got $227 roundtrip on JetBlue which isn’t so bad considering the high gas prices. It was just hard to swallow since last year we paid $155 around the same time. I was going to wait another week or so but JetBlue was about $30 cheaper than any other airline that flies direct and the other airlines haven’t budged in a couple of weeks.

I hope I made the right move! I hate booking the airfare part of the trip! :crying:


I know that feeling. I still haven’t book my October airfare. I’m so hopeful I’ll catch a DING! fare or a Southwest fall sale. I have 3 or 4 airports I am willing to fly from, so I have that working in my favor.


Good for you! If JetBlue comes down, you know they’ll give you a credit that you could use within the year of your travel date!


Well, one of the bad guys is pushing up daisies, so gas prices dropped below $70 a barrel today, so the fuel costs might allow airlines to reduce fares again…


I hate paying high prices for airfare!!! I can never seem to get a good deal…it is always the very last reservation I make. :glare:


Last year for Sept. we paid $462 for 4 from Chicago-Midway on SWA. This year 862!!! We went ahead & paid it, in case we’re on strike in a couple of months, this won’t be something we have to make a decision about! Plus, I’m also holding out hope for a good DING!! I received one yesterday for $54 each way Midway-Orlando, but it was only good thru 8/31. D’OH!!! Of course if we end up with SWA credit, then we pretty much gotta go back to Disney, right???


I bet you made the right choice.
With fuel prices so high, thats really not such a bad price.


It hurts, doesn’t it? But, you’ve done it and you are going to WDW, so get excited!!!


Sounds liek you got a decent deal, considering the price of gas and all, we are waiting to book our Nov flight, USAir is aroundf $450 RT nonstop, Airtran is around $400 so we want to see Southwest’s fares. We like to leave early in the morning downa nd late in the evening to come home.


Karen-- you actually got a good price!!
We’re flying Jet Blue out of Newark in Sept and I paid $257/pp!!
(early flight out, afternoon flight home)


Thanks, everyone. I think I made the right move, but who knows. We defintely got great times for the flights - arriving at noontime on our arrival day in Orlando and leaving at 7 pm on our departure day so the times are definitely ideal. At least now I can sleep at night knowing that I won’t be paying over $300 because I gambled and lost! :tongue:


I feel your pain. I was in the same boat and finally got to worried about waiting to long. I just booked Spirit out of Atlantic city for $217 round trip. I could have gotten is $20 cheaper a person only seven days later, but I’m over it…lol


Jus rebooked my flight to Orlando today thru a “DING”. $65 per person from Chicago-Midway. So now instead of leaving early Thursday morning, we’ll leave after school Wednesday evening, get checked in around 11p & have an extra day! WAHOO!!


I’ve been checking the flights obsessively since I booked it of course and I have been reassured that I made the right decision. The day after I booked our flight, our exact flight went up $20 on Jetblue and has stayed there. Flights for our dates and times on other airlines are still $40-$50 more than I paid so I think I did the right thing.

Also, I found this great site, It gives you a prediction of whether the flights for the days you are looking for will go up or down. You have to register to join, but it is kind of a nifty site. It predicts flights on my days will go up so hopefully I did the right thing!


I know how you feel too!! We are not going until 12/7, but the return flt we wanted was showing at $304.00 on the way back to phl from mco! I looked every day and today it went back down to $99.00, so I booked it!! I figured it might only go down $10.00 or up a whole lot!! :laugh:


Airfare flucuates over a short amount of time. I remember when I was checking prices online, our airfare went up a few hundred dollars in a matter of months! I think it came back down by the time we booked though, because our package was cheaper than expected.

Now that you’re got your airfare out of the way, onto the planning and excitement!


I hear ya, I am just waiting on Southwest to post the Nov flights. We are taking a last min trip from Jul 12-15 and we got RT flights on SW for $138 each, that is the reason we are even going last min, and they are the good flights, for us at least, leave phl 710 am and depart from mco 815, NS RT.

If the flight goes doan call and they will give you a voucher for the difference I believe


Will Airtran give a voucher for the difference too? That would be great!!


I am not sure but I would ask them if you call, US Air gave us a voucher for the difference a couple years ago