Airfare Hike?


Yikes! We bought our plane tickets (for Christmas) almost two months ago. Every once in a while I’ll do a search to see if A) I should have waited :glare: or B) we made the right choice. I checked yesterday and the tickets we bought are now $239 MORE than when we bought them!! I know there will be price wars in the future, but given that we’re going over the Christmas season and seats will become less available, I think we made a good choice! It’s the only non-stop flight (that always cracks me up because I hope it eventually stops . . . in Orlando!! :wink: ) out of Milwaukee so I’m guessing it’s one of the first to fill up. $239 more!! For three people . . . almost $700!


Hee! :laugh:

Southwest just raised rates, so that may be affecting things across the board? (I have no idea, just speculating.) Or maybe you just bought at the perfect time and found a sale rate you didn’t even know you were getting.

In any case, lucky you!



Note to self :get airfare VERY soon.


Just remember… …if the cost of tickets get too high, its cheaper for the airline to cancel your reservation and take a penalty, thereby letting them book someone for the higher fair. They can trade seats like stocks.


My least favorite part of planning any WDW trip is booking the airline, because it always feels like such a gamble. I am always in fear that if I buy the tickets today, there will be a big sale tomorrow, you know? :nonono2:


There are a LOT of financial shake ups going on with the airline industry at present…

You didn’t mention which airline! Delta and Northwest are in bankruptcy.

FUEL PRICES ARE NOT GOING DOWN. For the most part, ALL of the airlines have not been charging passengers for their ticket as much as their tickets actually cost, since FUEL has been going through the roof for the past year.

Your are observing the attempt by an airline to break even. Consider yourself lucky that you bought the ticket when you did.


Just curious. What happens to already purchased tix if an airline goes bankrupt and can’t get out of it? :huh: