Airfare - Oh My Word!


Never been to the World around spring break (week before Easter), but with high school kids, it really is our only option for this coming up year. So, tonight I focused on finding some airfare. Here’s the breakdown:

Southwest - $600 per person
Airtran - $550 per person
United - $909 per person

This is insanity. Am I looking things up wrong, or is it this expensive during this time of year every year? I just made it official that we are driving (18 hours!) and there was nothing but moans out of both my 6’ and 6’2" boys.


ugh that is aweful!!! plus bags… maybe you could rent a bigger vehicle and get some portable dvd players to make it more entertaining and comfortable? it would probably still be cheaper than flying and i am sure you could return the vehicle in orlando and pick another one up for the drive home so you aren’t paying for the days you aren’t using it on property.


That is ridiculous! I’ve never heard of such prices! Well, not flying into Orlando anyway.


Keep checking. It is a high volume time from the Northeast and Midwest for the college crowd. And the airlines have cut flights to fill those they have scheduled.

Keep checking back as seats are alloted to the web sites (airline and others) in groups to keep the price up. I always find that booking my business travel 33-30, 25-22 and 16-15 days gets me the best price. Just something I have found. Toally unscientific if this goes for flights outside of my eastern seaboard itineraries.

Good luck. And don’t laugh off the rental van or SUV. YOu would have ben flying anyway. And hopefully the boys can help drive if this option has to be used.


A lot of college kids up here (ohio) head to Florida for spring break, so I’m sure the airlines raise the prices to make lots of money. We are going at the end of April and I’m bummed we had to pay 236 dollars a ticket…but driving from ohio with a 6 and 8 year old, and grandma is NOT an option:)


I am not sure where you live, but I just did a quick check on Jetblue out of ORD ( chicago) for about 250 per person. You do have to go through JFK.
Another option is flying out of milwaukee. A quick check showed a nonstop flight round trip for 227.00 each. I hope this helps.


Sept 12th I paid $1244.80 for four round trip
and nonstops both ways.:ohmy:
If I bought them today same airline Southwest
same flights and times it would be $2216.80.:eek:
JetBlue out of Boston today $2436.80:eek:


I have to agree, it’s nuts! Everytime I look for airfare within 2 weeks of a holiday, no matter HOW early I look, it’s been ridiculous. I’d opt to drive at those prices.


[QUOTE=Tor2ga;1007566]I am not sure where you live, but I just did a quick check on Jetblue out of ORD ( chicago) for about 250 per person. You do have to go through JFK.
Another option is flying out of milwaukee. A quick check showed a nonstop flight round trip for 227.00 each. I hope this helps.[/QUOTE]

Could you give me more info on the one you found out of Milwaukee. When I go to the Mitchell Airport web site, Southwest was $552 and Airtran was $654. I’m hoping I’m just not looking in the right spot, because I would grab that $227 in a nanosecond!!!


Bad for us also. I have been watching for months for that week and came down a little one day and has not since then.


Does Allegiant Air fly from an airport near you? It takes you to Orlando-Sanford instead of Orlando International, but they’ve been advertising one-way flights for $9, roundtrips for $15, so I think it would be worth the extra cash and hassel for the rental car, considering the outrageous airfare prices.


Thanks for the recommendation. I checked into it, and it flies out of Rockford, but for $590 per person. I’m thinking it’s inevitable that there is a drive in our future. My in-laws have a mini-van, in which dh seems to think the boys will have more leg room if we were to borrow it for the trip.


The airfare is crazy now!
We fly out of Minneapolis and are seeing the same numbers. We are actually thinking about cancelling the March trip if they don’t drop soon. :frowning: But, good news is that the August trip will be upgraded then! Always a silver lining…
Maybe we should start a Mousebuzz Midwest carpool or something! ROFL!


We opted for the roadtrip for Thanksgiving. We looked at SWA, but even their prices where higher than “usual”. We could get $79 down, but the return trip was almost $400. :blow:

Even thought about doing the Auto Train again, but that was about the same as flying.

We spent about $200 round trip on gas, plus a couple meals/snack breaks on the road.

You can calculate your cost here:

AAA Fuel Cost Calculator


Unless it is writen in stone what day you have to fly some days are cheaper than others


We go around spring break time too, and it’s always hundres of dollars more the closer you get to spring break week.
We drove from MA to WDW ONCE,because of crazy airfare prices and I will not do it again. I’d rather choose a different time of the year!
I took us 2 days to get to WDW :blink:


Same deal out of RI Southwest is $2600 April 16 - 24th. If I drive to NY or Washington it is $996, so I will drive 4-6 hours. Better than 24 hours.


Holy cow, that’s nuts. I keep pricing flights out of our airport and I get $86 each way the first week in May. I hope it’s that low when they release our July dates.


well …this year easter is early…so the spring break is alittle more condensed…AA dropped 2 flights out of chicago to orlando…and most airlines are cutting capacity…BUT …the idea to drive is an option from illinois…also keep checking with kayak …a little heads up is go the airline web site…go through the motions of buying the ticket and get to the point where you go to seat assignment that will give youa little clue as to how full the plane is …if you see a flight that is not close to being full ,it is almost guaranteed that down the road the prices WILL come down .also SWA actually allows you to book and pay and without penalty ,rebook at a lower rate and place the funds in a ticketless travel fund ,good for a year …also SWA runs some big promos ,they did several weeks ago where flights from the midwest where 75 each way so keep checking daily…GOOD LUCK


just did a search ON KAYAK for april 16 -24 got back 210 on united …today is dec9th at 8:22 pm on west coast hope this fits your bill…good luck once again