I am a DVC member and REALLY want to go back to the world! I have been watching the airfares and they are awful! They seem to be going up! I am coming for the SF area. It is killing me…


Wow, I just checked them out. CRAZY expensive!


I know, big yikes! The prices are crazy. We were going to fly to Destin Florida, but I couldn’t get any decent prices. I will pay $350 max to fly there, but the prices are $500 plus. So we are either driving, ugh, or just going to Bush Gardens in VA this year.


the airfare is getting a bit silly with prices. Deals are gettting really hard to find. I am still in shock over spirit charges me for luggage seperately from the airfare…:laugh:



When did this change take place? And how much extra is the luggage charge? I really liked flying with them last year. And flying out of AC was so much easier than Philly.


They sent me an email a week or more ago telling me that they were giving me the opportunity to pay for my luggage online rather than doing it at the airport the morning I leave. Apparently, you get one carry-on bag for free. Checked luggage is $5 a bag person for the the first two bags…bags 3 - 5 are $100 a bag. This is the online price. If you wait till the day of departure, it’s double. I called them and this is their new policy…it was not the policy when I purchased the tickets months ago…still had to pay it if I inteded to have checked luggage. No way can I squeeze all my stuff in one carry-on bag for a nine day WDW trip. It’s still worth it to me to fly out of AC using them as I save SO much on the parking there over philly. That and the airport there is just a pleasure compared to the philly one.


I’m with you, Philly can be such a pain even if I am only 10 minutes away. And Spirit’s prices are usually much cheaper. I guess I would not mind too much. But I would definitly have more than just a carry-on.

I feel bad for the people who will find out about the baggage price when they get to the airport :eek: :mad:


They sent emails to everyone who had a ticket with this “special” for bag prices and the ability to do it before the airport. They had this email set up like a promotion to make you feel like you were getting a deal…it was rather gross if you ask me. I am so ticked to have to pay another $40 for luggage on top of the airfare that wasn’t all that cheap to begin with. I only grabbed it cause I didn’t want to deal with the philly airport and usAirways who was the only other person with a decent deal at the time I booked it. I also had the added bonus of the parking there which is super cheap to me. Cheaper than parking at philly and cheaper than a cab or towncar to get there. I don’t know if I will use them next year or not. They better have a great deal cause when you factor in another $40 to their airfare prices, it’s not that great of a bargain to fly them…oh well…just a small price to pay for a great airport and excellent parking I suppose.


Yeah that’s true. Where exactly is the deal when you have to pay additional $$. I just wonder where the extra $$ for the baggage is going?? Improvements, more personnel, snacks on the flight??

Did you see that now they are promoting a $9 club. I think you have to pay to join and you are supposed to get even better deals. I’m always a bit cynical. What’s the catch? At what point will I be screwed out of my $$.

Just one more step to consider when planning a trip.


We booked SWA for the Thanksgiving trip. Prices are way up, but we figured it was the holiday travel.


Airfare is always high that week. It’s the most traveled time of the year…even over Christmas.


I checked airfare last week, just for the heck of it. It was crazy expensive. It would be crazy for us to fly from NC, when driving (even with gas prices thru the roof) is so much cheaper. Our kids are fine in the car, they really do well on long trips, just pack lots of snacks and Disney DVD’s and we are good. I guess we are lucky to live so close. It doesn’t pay to drive to WDW all the way from California.:eek:


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There’s the link to Spirit’s baggage policy.


They got me with this…I purchased mine in April.

For customers who purchased tickets prior to December 15, 2006, for each ticketed passenger, Spirit Airlines will transport two (2) bags as checked luggage free of charge. For customers who purchased tickets between December 15, 2006 and March 6, 2007, Spirit Airlines will transport one (1) piece of luggage at no charge per fare-paying customer. [COLOR=“lime”][COLOR=“Red”]For customers who purchased tickets on or after March 6, 2007 for travel on or after June 20, 2007, charges will apply to each item transported as checked luggage[/COLOR].[/COLOR]


Yup. Stinkers.:pirate:


I guess I must be lucky to be flying from Kansas City. SWA is $69 each way. I hope you all can find better flight prices! Good luck!


Yep…they are gonna get their money one way or another. :pinch:


Of course, Spirit doesn’t fly out of the airport 10 minutes from my house!! I looked at driving to Myrtle Beach, then flying out of there, but the travel time would be just as long as driving, since we would have a 45 minuter layover in Atlantic City. Maybe I don’t fly enough, it seems a little crazy to drive from NC to SC, fly to NJ, then fly to Florida.:confused: I guess we will just keep our driving plans!


We are using our DVC points this year at DL as the airfare has made it impossible for me to afford to get our family to Florida. At this rate, I will be an expert at using DVC points on the West Coast.


Hey Robin, I’m in the Bay Area too. Keep an eye on Southwest out of Sacramento. OAK, SFO and SJC all seem to be higher usually, but not always.

Sac is a really easy airport to use. Even with the longer drive we find it less of a hassle than SFO or SJC. OAK is really easy for us but with 3 kids (and a 4th on the way) saving $70+ per ticket is a no brainer.