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What is the deal with all of these airlines starting to charge extra for a 2nd checked bag? I have been as calm as everybody even though in general the service stinks but come on! Soon they will be charging for air on the plane…:mad: :mad: :mad:


well, they are saying some may start charging for window seats as well as the aisle seat. wait until they reduce they carry on size because everyone will be carrying on another bag!


I hear ya. We usually fly SWA and they still allow 2 checked bags but for how long? We just bought new luggage yesterday because we wanted another large suitcase in case we can only check one bag each. We have about the biggest one you can check (and keep it under 50 pounds) now and I didn’t want to get it but we need the room.


I have heard the added fee is due to help cover fuel. The heavier the plane, the more fuel. I’m waiting for the announcement that they are going to start weighing US at check in.:mad:


Daisee is so right, that is what I heard to.


:laugh: :laugh:


Yeah, it’s craziness. I think this is just testing the waters, they’ll start charging for everything! We very rarely ever have a 2nd bag but I understand there are families with more than one child, and if you’re going away for awhile it’s gotta be hard to pack only one bag each.


I , too, think that the charge for the second bag is a bit much. However, since I only check in one bag per person in my family this won’t affect me at all. The charges are due to the high fuel costs but I also heard on the news the other day that airlines may be reducing their speed in flight to help cut fuel usage. This will only make flights a few minutes longer so at least on their part, they’re trying.


I was at JFK yesterday flying home. Delta charges 3 dollars a bag curbside check-in,and they have the nerve to put right on the sign that tip isn’t included in the “administrative fee”!! Talk about your legalized extortion!!!


Today American Airlines announced that they will now charge $15 for the FIRST piece of checked baggage:mad: I am not a happy camper…or more importantly…a happy AA frequent flyer!:angry:


I was so upset when I saw this on a recent trip. Lucklily for our next family trip in October flying on American, we have our tickets bought before the deadline (May 12th) so we can still check two bags each. This will be the second trip we’ve bought a seat for each of us (5), so we usually end up okay. But that first trip, we had an entire suitcase full of baby food, diapers, & wipes for our then 9-month twins on a 10-night trip.

I also saw they lowered the weight limit from 70 lbs to 50 lbs per bag and only allow 1 carry-on per person. This is getting ridiculous!!! Like someone else already said, I’m going to have to buy smaller luggage just so it can be full enough to be stable when handled but still be under the 50 lb limit.

I could understand the weight limit when it was based upon worker’s comp issues, but not the fuel costs. I’d rather pay an extra $5 or $10 or $20 a ticket and be able to use one good bag and have everything I need.

Prezcatz Paul


Effective June 1, the Resort Airline Check-In service will implement several changes in its checked baggage policy:

– Guests who fly AirTran, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, Northwest, and US Airways may check one bag per passenger using the Resort Airline Check-in Service. Guests with multiple bags on these airlines will have the option to check additional pieces through their airlines’ ticket counters at Orlando International Airport or they may call Baggage Airline Guest Services at 407-284-1231 to pay their airline’s excess luggage fees in advance of checking in at the Resort Airline Check-In desk. The excess luggage fees vary by airline.

– Guests flying on American who wish to check bags must call Baggage Airline Guest Services at 407-284-1231 to pay their airline bag fees in advance of checking in at the Resort Airline Check-In desk. Otherwise, Guests must check-in at the airport.

NOTE: If paying for excess luggage fees through Baggage Airline Guest Services you must pay with a credit card: MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are accepted. Resort Airline Check-In desks are unable to collect luggage fees on behalf of the airlines.

Baggage Airline Guest Services operates seven days a week between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

– Guests flying on Alaska and United Airlines are not subject to bag fees at this time. NOTE: Alaska Airlines will be subject to excess bag fees effective July 1.

For all airlines, luggage must be 50 pounds or less in order to use the service and it must comply with their airline’s size dimension baggage policy. Overweight and oversized luggage cannot be accepted at the Resort Airline Check-In desks.


Thanks! All I can say is that these companies stink! :angry:


Lol! :laugh:

I get weighed holding my carry-on baggage each and every time I fly to Samoa… :mellow:

I wonder how long it would take to check in if that applied to everyone stateside! :eek:


just as a side note - i called about my upcoming trip, and was told that because i purchased my tickets prior to continental implementing this policy, i am still able to bring 2 bags. just to be safe, i am only bringing 1, but call disney and verify, you may luck out.


I also read recently that the extra bag charge holds for each flight of your trip!!! So if you change planes, you’d have to pay it again.


ARRGHH!! :eek:


Our airlines announced yesterday there is going to be huge fuel surcharges added- there was also suggestions that all sorts of extras are going to be charged for, such as inflight entertainment and food and drinks on long haul flights as the airlines are needing to find more ways to cover the growing costs of fuel.
The BBC reporter even joked there may be a charge in the future to use the bathroom on board!


That’s right. With avgas now over $5 per gallon, when I’m flying locally I’m pulling the throttle back as far as I can. If slows my speed by 8% but it cuts the fuel burn by 18%. Still going somewhere it adds 8% to the flying time but it still saves 8% in fuel burn.