Airline boarding pass question


I’ve never printed my boarding passes before but decided to based on all you MB people that thought it was a time saver. It keeps asking me for a confirmation number that’s 5 digits long. I don’t have any 5 digit numbers on any of my airline ticket vouchers. There are codes everywhere on my vouchers but nothing even close to 5 digits. Does anyone know what to do?:mad:


What airline are you flying? Maybe someone that has flown that airline can help you. SWA always has a letter number combo that I have to enter.


Maybe because they are vouchers and not actually tickets? You might have to turn them into tickets to have the confirmation number. Otherwise, call your airline and ask. Good luck!


Didn’t they send you a confirmation when you bought the tickets? I’m thinking they mean that confirmation number not the numbers on the tickets.:confused:


We’re flying Delta. I got a paid receipt and four vouchers (1 for each of us). They said upon arrival at the airport I have to show my I.D. and the vouchers because it’s all electronic?


I just printed them! It was the e-ticket number I needed. I also checked my bags in. It says all I have to do now is hand my boarding passes and the luggage with printed check in at the curbside. No lines to wait in. Now my question, since I did all that, do I really need to arrive 2 hours before my flight?


I doubt it. I always like to arrive that early to get settled and read a book. For me my vacation starts when we are at the airport. :happy:


If you are going out of Logan, the answer is yes you need the two hours to get thru security if you are going at a peak time. It took me about 75 mins to get thru the last time I was there.