Airline of choice?


Haven’t see a thread like this so I thought I would make one. What’s your airline of choice flying down to the kingdom? We always fly Jet Blue and love it, especially the TV. :wub:


We always fly Southwest out of TF Green in Warwick MA. We’ll never fly another airline. You check bags for free. They are also very family friendly.We fly directly into Orlando Int. usually within 2 1/2 or so hours. Gotta LOVE IT!!!


SW used to be our choice, but we have slowly gone back to NW for a few reasons. One, flight times have been better for us, more nonstops, and we have lots of frequent flyer miles with them. Now that they are Delta, I am interested to see how the service changes, if at all. The last two years or so we have had wonderful service on NW, so I am hoping the trend continues.


We’ve been a fan of JetBlue since 2004, but we’ve also flown AirTran a few times lately and loved it. AirTran does not have TVs, but the planes are new, they have a excellent on-time and safety record, the flight crews we’ve encountered have been top notch and for the first time in I don’t know how long, we had a pilot tip the plane so that everyone could see Cape Canaveral.

So, right now, we consider JetBlue and AirTran to be equals.

Also, Southwest scares the heck out of me. They’ve been cited at least twice in the last year for safety violations. I trust airlines like that as far as I can throw a 737.


We fly out of JFK or LaGuardia in NYC and Jet Blue is our favorite. The TV’s are great - really make the time fly by (no pun intended). They are really good as far as keeping to a schedule, weather permitting. They also have pretty good snacks and your first bag is still free!!!


We fly Spirit out of Atlantic City. The airport is only about 15 minutes from our home, so it is very convenient. We have also flown Southwest out of Baltimore with our daughter and son-in-law a couple of times.


Jet Blue Rocks!


We fly Southwest out of Columbus because they are one of the few that offer nonstop service to Orlando. I also like the fact that they don’t charge for bags and like someone else on here said, they are family friendly.


We always fly Southwest.Bags fly free:mickey: I think Jet Blue sounds good,but I don’t think they fly from Philly to Orlando…I could be wrong.I’m still holding out for $59 flights for Dec on Southwest… found them last Dec so we’ll see!


Jetblue!! For our trip in a few days we paid $139 rt. :heart:Jetblue:heart:


When did you book those flights? That’s a really good price. Our outbound flight we book at 99, it’s now 185 :eek:. Our return flight is 79, but I keep checking 30 or 40 times a day in case they go down. :laugh:


More JetBlue fans here too! They are the only airline we fly!


We always fly SWA, they have great service and good prices.


Southwest of course! Free bags will win out everytime. They have nonstop from Indy and AirTran would be second runner up as the only other nonstop leaving Indy.

We’ve always enjoyed the service from Southwest too. The humor of the attendants makes the trip much more bearable. It seems to put everyone on the plane in a good mood.


Since we are Canadian, our airlines choices are a bit different, but for us, we love WestJet. They fly direct, non-stop to Orlando International. They have televisions in every seat (an absolute must for travelling with three small kids!), and the staff are wonderful. While their aren’t an abundance of flight times to choose from, we do benifit from free baggage check and the airport is 15minutes from our home, so we save a huge amount of travel time then we would if we were to drive to one of the bigger airports with more selection.


Airtran! They are the only airline that flies nonstop from our tiny airport. And I would never consider flying from another airport: free parking, no lines, one terminal. Perfect! Airtran always has great service and awesome prices. Our flight in December cost us $140 per person. Not bad!


The cheapest non-stop I can find. We live close to Cincinnati, but we’ve flown from Indy and Louisville if the price difference is worthwhile. I like to book well in advance, if possible, so Southwest is often left out of the mix due to how they release their schedule. We’ve flown Delta, Northwest, and Airtran; I haven’t noticed much difference between them.



Penguin Air
When you don’t have a choice.


Add me to the chorus of JetBlue lovers! I have NEVER had a problem with them. My flights have always been on time, first bag is free, snacks are delicious (I love the blue chips!) and you can’t beat the tvs at each seat. I am a nervous flyer and love having the TV to keep me occupied.

I’ve only flown Southwest once out of Manchester and I was not a fan, all that lining up felt like a cattle call. AirTran and Delta are good options for me out of out Boston too, though I don’t like that AirTran charges you to select your seats ahead of time.


JetBlue! We love them. A close runner up is Airtran. I’ve found incredible deals on both. The cheapest I’ve flown to Orlando was for $49.99 each way.