Airline Question?


Does anyone know when both Southwest and Air Tran will open their booking window to include flights through October?


If you go on and go under travel tools, it will give you the next opend date.


thank you for the info


Southwest dates open on or about March 23. I stalk the release dates because I have always gotten great rates on that day. Last trip in Dec got $59 each way on a Friday and Sunday. I never saw them that low again. Good luck, I will be there with you on March 23 to book the Oct trip.


bout six months away…give or take.


I, too, am waiting for Southwest to open up on March 23rd. My problem is we arrive in Orlando on October 30th, the last day of the booking window. We do not return home until November 6th. It looks like I may have to book our flights one way at a time.


Wow, thanks for the tip. I didn’t know that they gave deals on release day. I will be watching.