Airline ticket help!


My DW and I are taking our 6yr old grandaughter in September.Does anyone know if I need any documents to get her on the plane? Do I need something to identify that she is ours?I only say this because her last name is different from ours.Please help!!


The airlines say no documentation is needed for minor passengers. Our children are 5 & 8 and I carry there state issued ids for security and peace of mind - just in case. We live in Ohio and you can get a state id for about $8. That solves any issues.

Also, make sure you have a notarized power of attorney for the children. The POA should stipulate that while they are in your care that you are allowed to obtain medical care for them, just in the case they would get sick or injured. DH and I always have a POA for when we both leave our children in their grandparents care for trips and for when we have taken other children on vacation with us.


I usually brought the short card form of their birth certificate. I also agree that you should have power of attorney for your granddaughter in case of emergency.


Make sure that the POA has the raised seal, not just a stamp of hte notary’s license and expiration date. The ER or treatment facility will accept it quicker than a copy and stamp. And there are certain items which must be listed for certain levels of treatment. We always got ours from our local hospital. They always knew the wording needed so quick decisions could be made by our parents if they had the grandkids.


My son has traveled with my mom plenty of times. No problem at all, no ID.


Thanks for everyones help.I just didn’t want to get to the airport and have any surprises.My grandaughter went with us 2 years ago but my daughter was with us.This is the first time we’ll be taking her so far away without her parents.Thanks again for your help.