Airline Tickets


Of the people who have ordered a package from the disney website, when did you get your airline tickets? I know I still have a while before the trip, I was just wondering how soon I could expect them. We have received everything else, just not airline tickets.


Last year we did the package thru Disney including our airfare and our tickets (well, stubs) came about 30 days before our trip.


When we did our trip in 05 we did everything through Disney and got our airline tickets right after we booked them. This year, we did aifare on our own, since Disney didn’t have all the flight schedules for the airlines yet, and I got a better deal on my own through Jet Blue.


I personally would go on my own as well- We have a Southwest Hub in Hartford and that is so much cheaper than anyone else with a direct flight and multiple flight times.
But if you have already booked it- did you ask for paper or e-ticket? if its an e-ticket you can just go and show your drivers liscence and they give you the actual ticket at the airport- we normally do the “noncheck your bag” kiosk where you swipe your credit card and they print the boarding pass for you- perhaps you will just be getting confirmation of your flight on your itinerary?


Well it’s a little less than 20 days utnil our trip and no airline “tickets”! :blink:



I’d give them a “ring” just to ask…


I emailed them and this is what they said. I thought other people might need to know this as well.

"Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World Resort.

The Walt Disney Travel Company now provides E-ticketing for all air carriers. The travel itinerary will include information on the E-tickets and guests must present their government issued photo ID at the airport in order to receive their boarding passes. With the exception of AirTran Airways, guests will no longer receive paper tickets or passenger receipts.

Please note final travel documents are printed and sent first class
mail approximately 30 days prior to travel."

Even though I don’t see any specific info in our pack about E-ticketing, all it says is to confirm your flight 24 hours before depature.