Airlines Doing what they want


I was going thru my Reservations to make a payment and i noticed my flight info has changed

I book a direct fight out of Hartford Ct. to Orlando

Now It says I have a stop in Atlanta Ga. then on to Orlando

was not even notifed . So on the upside I get to see a bit of Atlanta

even if it is for an hour .:ohmy::ohmy:


If this was Delta, they’ve done this to me in the past. I called them and the person actually told me “Yeah, we’re not very good at doing that.” It ended up being a real mess.

We’re flying AirTran this time around. They’ve slightly shifted the schedule 3 times - literally 5 minutes here, 2 minutes there - and I’ve received an e-mail and a request to confirm the change is okay each time.


you got it right it is a delta flight never had this problem with them before


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe they do that without even telling you? Surely that’s a breach of contract? I know sometimes changes have to be made, but surely its only common courtesy to let you know.


I intentionally only book non stop flights…I would demand a refund and choose another carrier…in no other business would they change the rules. What if you paid for a deluxe resort at Disney and when you got there they said…“sorry we decided to put you in a moderate instead…at the same price!”…I don’t think so!


I did some searching on the delta website for that day it says they canceled the direct flight they only have flights that have stops for that day .

flight day by the way is september 5th 2011 labor day must be a slow day for direct flights out of Hartford Ct.


Continental moved my flight to an hour earlier for my upcoming trip, and I got notified, and had to acknowledge it. I don’t know what I’d have done if I objected or couldn’t make it.


I have had them change my flights before. I always call them and they change them to what works better for me without any charge.


Wow that wouldn’t happen here- in the UK we would be charged for amending the booking and its a hefty charge. I dont know one British airline that doesn’t charge for altering bookings. But then you have dozens of airlines to choose from and we dont. They want to keep your custom, ours know we dont have the choice.


They are willing to change the flights again because they altered my original booking. This has happened to me at least 5-10 times and I always change to a better flight. It never hurts to call!


Oh I understand- they altered the original booking! Yes I see why they would allow you to change it to suit you. I thought you meant you just rang and changed it because you’d changed your mind- sorry, my bad-lost in translation somewhere!:crying:


This is curious because I’ve been watching AirTran like a hawk lately. They have 1-2 nonstops from CAK to TPA (it’s $200 cheaper for the 3 of us to go to TPA instead) However, the nonstop ticket price is exactly the same as the connecting thru Atlanta flights. This prompts the question: could they bump you/change flights and you couldn’t fuss too much because you didn’t pay a premium on the nonstop…yes? For this reason I’m considering paying $20 more and going out of CLE on Continental which actually has better times and I can choose my seat. Does anybody else think that is odd regarding AirTran??:confused:


No, I’ve heard many times that Airtran does change flights often. Maybe that will change now that they recently were bought out by Southwest. That’s why I stick with Southwest. They tend to stick with what they originally offer.


I had a similar thing happen. We were booked on a 9:30 am flight with United for our trip in August. I recently went online to check our flights and found that both our flight down to Orlando and the return trip had been changed, and I didn’t receive any notice from them. The flight home only changed by a few minutes, but our 9:30 am flight to Orlando had been changed to 6:00 am!:ohmy: There’s no way I can get to the airport with 3 kids at 4:00 am, so I called to change it, but the next available flight isn’t until 12:50 pm, which is going to blow our first day in Orlando. I can’t believe they don’t have any flights going between 6 am and almost 1 pm, but that’s what the schedule shows. Obviously, I changed us to the 12:50 flight, but I did notice when choosing seats that both of those flights are almost full already. If they end up adding another flight between those and don’t allow me to change to it, I am going to be so angry.


I can’t stand airlines in generel anymore. I’ve had a problem like this with almost all of them now. The most recent being United. I booked a flight a couple of months ago for our August trip and out of nowhere they changed it and stuck us on a flight that left 4 hours later. This completely blows our first day at the world. We were supposed to arrive at 11 am and ended up arriving at 430 pm. :eek:

I called them and they told me I could choose a different flight and not have to pay the $150 processing fee since the change was so huge. I thought this could work out ok, but when I tried to change it to a different flight, they had an excuse for every single one. They weren’t flown by United (they were listed on their site, but were actually flown by a different carrier) or they were more expensive so I’d have to pay the difference, etc. It was ridiculous. :mad: This was literally 2 months ago. I called every week and finally just last week spoke to someone that just changed it to what I wanted with no extra charge. I couldn’t believe it. I still check my confirmation almost every day to make sure they haven’t changed it on me again. It all depends on who you talk to! I probably called 25 times before I got someone on the phone that had some sympathy. I don’t think I’ll believe this change really happened until I’m on the flight.


We drive almost every trip now. 11 hours seems like a long trip but the last 3 times we flew between getting to the airport early, delays, lay overs, waiting on shuttles, etc. we end up about even or a little ahead of time. Hard to believe…PLUS I can pack as much as will fit in the back of the car on the trip home. Now that’s worth it :slight_smile:

Hope your flight works out for you!


This is the reason I am glad we drive each trip. Being 5 hours door to resort room makes the decision easy. We could save 15-20 minutes if we fly, but the car is part of our park hopping strategy and running around for meals.


I used to LOVE flying United was a 100,000 mile member back in the day. Now you could not get me on one of their planes. We fly SouthWest whenever possible. All about the customer service.

On a similar note. My staff handles a lot of customer facing situations. They have some canned responses to different issues and have limited authority to deviate too much from those. The smart clients are the ones who are polite to them and ask for their manager ( me ). If they transfer to me and say, hey can you help this person, I will always try, if on the other hand they tell me this person was a jerk to my staff, guess what! ( Yes I can earn my GrumpyDad title if I am pushed ! ! ! )

Moral of the story, tell the person you are talking to that you understand they cannot help you with whatever it is you need, but could you please speak with their manager. You never know, you could get someone like me…



Agree with hating the airline business. Booked my “air miles” recently with American. Now they lowered the reward miles for the same flight but will lower my ticket for another several hundred dollars. Talk about a screw job. My advise is NEVER HAVE A CREDIT CARD THAT IS RESTRICTIVE ON THEIR REWARDS!! AMERICAN, DELTA, ETC. CAN PUT THEIR REWARD CARDS YOU KNOW WHERE!


Besides the fact that I absolutely HATE flying, bottom line is we just can’t afford it. I just checked again and the rate is $806 per person, and there’s 5 of us. I would rather drive the 14hrs and spend my extra $ at WDW with the bonus option of packing what ever I want.:happy: