Airport on Thanksgiving weekend


I’m flying on Thanksgiving weekend this year for the first time. I’m flying out of Newark that Sunday at 8am. I’m planning on getting to the airport around 2 hours prior to the flight. Can anyone tell me if that is early enough, or should I try to get there even earlier?


I am one to always be way too earlt @ the airport… But two hours is what is recommended… It should be enough. If you are worried you can always get there 2 and half hours early just to make sure.


Two hours early at Newark at that time of the morning will probably give you a very comfortable amount of time before your flight.


Thanks for the feedback. I feel a lot better now.:happy:


I’m glad if this thread proved helpful for you. Welcome to Mousebuzz!


I totally am that way too. I will always be early, just in case.

And Peter, you know you’ll be early as well, if it wasn’t important to you, you would not have asked :wink:
Better save than sorry


The key to arrival is knowing that having two hours and thirty minutes to kill is a far better experience than showing up and finding that the laws of space and time will deny you boarding on your scheduled flight, and that you will be spending the rest of the day freaking out about trying to get aboard subsequent flights that are already overbooked. Trust me, it won’t end well.

If it were me, I’d get there early with some krispy kremes and enjoy the day. :pirate:


Learn from my last Thanksgiving experience and get there early!!! We arrived at the curbside check-in early and felt great until we saw the line to get through security… it was terrible (and not even a very large airport). It does not matter if you are checked-in and bags already on the way, they will not allow you to skip security and they’re not in a hurry to push people through. Thanksgiving is a very high travel time and most people are still not familiar with the travel regs and it just takes sooo much longer to deal with that many people.

Perhaps this was just at our airport but it wasn’t fun nonetheless…


Newark at any holiday can be really busy… if you check in prior to the flight and go right to security you should be okay.