Airport transfer/alcohol


We are thinking of taking a cruise next year had a couple of questions. First is beer alcohol can we carry on a case or just a six pack or bottle of alcohol. Second going through the booking process I notice there is an additional charge for transfer do they not offer the free magical express?


You can take the good stuff on. But you are supposed to carry on and not in the checked luggage.

No free express to the cruise ship or back to WDW/airport.

Quicksilver offer towncar and limo service at prices that are worth considering. Generally, the will make a grocery stop for you so I’m guessing a quick stop for beer or wine wouldn’t be a problem heading to the ship.


so on the DCl you are allowed to carry on alcohol? NCL soesn’t let you bring anything on


Yeah. Needless to say, drinks are a BIG profit center for the cruise lines. I’ve carried several small bottles on with no problems on NCL but sounds like some people try to bring their own complete bar. On a 7 day crusie I might bring 4-8 of the small single serving wine or airline size bottles, split in two bags, usually in the bathroom bags.

I’ver heard of all sorts of bottles being “recycled” like mouthwash. :whistling