AirTran 30 minutes between flights


Would you be comfortable with only 30 minutes between connecting flights (AirTran)? The connection is in Atlanta. I hate it when they do this. You would think if they propose it then it can be done. But, we are considering going on a cruise and if the bags did not make it on the plane then it would be bad. :sad:


NO,no,no,no,no!!! Insist on a longer change time. Hartsfield International Airport is a very busy airport and you need at least an hour to maneuver from gate to gate.


yeah it’s odd they even did that. It is possible that it is a mistake, so you should tell them and make SURE you get a longer connection time.
In my travel school I just finished, we had a book called the OAG and it had minimum connection times for every airport and where you were going from there, but some of them were SO short, don’t risk it, better to have to read a book for 30 minutes then be stressed out that you’re going to miss your flight.


We connect in Atlanta all the time. Can you make it in 30 minutes, Yes. If you land in Concourse B and have to go to Concourse D, you could make it in 30 minutes. Your luggage could feasibly make it as well. If your first flight is delayed, you will miss your connection. I always try to have 1 HR in Atlanta due to the size alone. I can only think of one time where I landed and took off from the same concourse.


I’m connecting in Cincinatti instead of Atlanta in January on my cousin’s advice, who cited that Atlanta is too much like a zoo. Cincinatti, which is actually in Convington, KY from what I gather, is less hectic and will be easier for us to make our connection, especially with a five year old.


Yeah, I don’t think I will be doing that flight. Checking into other options.
Thanks everybody!


I just flew in and out of Hartsfield last month and while it was a weekend trip, it really seemed to be better run than when I stopped there for a connecting flight many years ago.

So, I wouldn’t expect it to be terribly hectic. The trains that connect the concourses run about every 3-5 minutes. Be sure to tell the airline attendants during the flight that you need to make a connection and they may be able to help facilitate the transfer.

That said, 30 minutes is cutting it close in ANY airport. 45 minutes should be your cutoff with 60-90 minutes being ideal. From what I know, ATL generally has on time arrivals and late departures, but you can’t necessarily count on that.

This is why I much prefer direct flights. I’m lucky to live in Boston. :smile:


I agree that you’re lucky to live in Boston for the fact that Logan Airport is a great Int’l Airport and I use it when flying overseas mostly, because Providence as of now isn’t an Int’l airport.

I disagree that you’re lucky to live in Boston because you’re close the Red Sox and I hate them.


30 is tight, but I don’t think Airtran is spread all over the place like Delta so chances are it’s workable. But I would keep the tight connection IF there are plenty of other flights behind it they could rebook you on if needed.


Well, I’m a fairweather fan… so it works for me.

I’m a diehard Pats fan and this year is killing me. But at least we’re playing in the AFC (L)EAST this year. :wink:

Logan is actually a better airport than it’s even been. There’s a new overhead walkway between the Delta termina and the International terminal and you can actually walk the entire airport in about 20 minutes.

I live in Southie, so a cab ride to Logan is about $30, including tips and tolls. Can’t beat that!

HEY!! I’ll be on a plane this time tomorrow!!! :mickey:


You should be fine in Cincinnati. With all the problems that Delta is having lately, the airport is very easy to navigate.


I think you should be fine. I checked arrivals and departures for AirTran for today in Atlanta, and 9 out of 10 flights were in terminal C for both arrivals and departures. The other 1 out of 10 was in terminal D. Most likely, you will just have to walk a couple of gates down. We had a connecting flight in Atlanta earlier this year on Delta, and only had 30 minutes. Our flight was about 10 minutes early, and our gate was on the other side of the terminal, but we had no problem. I would definitely tell them you have a connecting flight when you check in, but I am sure they will know already.

We once had a connection in Dallas that was 28 minutes appart, and our flights was 20 minutes late. American had a cart waiting for us when we got off, and they drove us to the next terminal, and we walked on the plane as they were closing the gates. I would book a 30 minute layover every time if the chioce is 30 minutes or 3 hours, or really anything else.


I agree with Mickey, I had a 45 minute layover in Atlanta recently. I was tranferring in Atlanta on my way to LA and I only had to walk 2 gates down. AirTran is pretty centralized in that airport, I don’t think you’ll have a problem at all. In fact I was just sitting there waiting most of the time.