AirTran / Carryon Baggage


We will be flying AirTran for the first time, I’d really like to hear experiences from anyone who has flown with them. We’re trying to avoid checking any bags this trip.

Regarding carryon baggage; the website says 1 carryon and 1 personal item is allowed (purse, laptop bag, etc). If we each take a [U]small[/U] wheeled suitcase and a small shoulder bag (as a personal item) that can be tucked under our seat or stored in the overhead compartment should we be OK. Or will they not allow the shoulder bags??


I fly airtran every time I fly to orlando because they offer non stop from our dinky little airport. I always check bags, so I can’t answer your question with absolute certainty, but I know I’ve seen people get on with larger bags before. Also, I know they offer the thing where you can leave your bag with the attendants when you get on the plane and they store them for you so you can pick them up as you’re getting off the plane. Hope that helps…I think you’ll be fine with a small suitcase and shoulder bag.


We flew AirTran in March and will use them again in September. We checked 3 bags and had 1 small wheeled suitcase as a carry-on and I had a Mickey tote, DS had a backpack. You should be fine.


I’ve never flown AirTran, but what you’re describing has worked for me whenever I’ve flown.


I just found out that they are flying non-stops from our little regional airport to MCO as well. (4 days a week)

How have you liked their service?


[QUOTE=Big Al;981241]I just found out that they are flying non-stops from our little regional airport to MCO as well. (4 days a week)

How have you liked their service?[/QUOTE]

I’ve always been happy with airtran. I’ve never had any problems with them, including lost luggage, which I seem to have a problem with on certain airlines! Let me put it this way…I’ve flown with airtran the last 3 years and have never had a complaint (knock on wood!). :smile:


We like them too, they notify you quickly if there is a flight change by e-mail. We have a change for this upcoming flight in Sept. but it was only changed by a few minutes. This time we are not flying direct, the price was too good for the one stop!! $59. one way and $62 the other!!:laugh:


We flew AirTran last year and was very happy with them. No problems at all. We’re using them again this year (Oct.) and so far they have changed our flight time 3 times. Only once did they e-mail us about the change. I’m sure it’ll change again so I’ll have to keep an eye on our itinerary.


Ou trip with Air Tran was fine.


Did you carryon or check baggage? I’m hoping to take a small carryon and a shoulder bag per person…do you think I should be OK with this??


You both should be able to carry a carry on and a shoulder bag each on the plane with no trouble, as long as the shoulder bag isn’t to big. Otherwise they’ll count it as another carry on.


My family flew Airtran last Sept and it was fine. I checked a bag and I took a carry on and a purse and my mother took the same thing except her purse was bigger and we went through easily with no problem. This was our first trip on an airplane in 12 years and it went very smoothly we are flying Airtran again this Sept.


Since I fly out of Westchester the only to real options to get to MCO are Airtran and Jetblue. I’ve done both and now will only fly Airtran. Technically you can have 1 carry-on and one personal item. The purse qualifies as your personal item just make sure it’ll fit under the seat in front of you because now people are bringing mini suitcases as their carry-on and the overhead storage is getting ugly. I used to pack my breakables in my carry-on, now I think they’re safer in the checked bag.