AirTran - Has anyone flown with them?


We’re considering flying AirTran in December, they seem to have decent fares; it would be our first time.

If you have experience using AirTran; please elaborate on the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks.


my son and new DW used Air Tran in October and they had no complaints. They liked being able to check the luggage at the resort too. Saved alot of hassle and time.


Their rates are very reasonable. My dh just flew with them, he said they were ok, but he’d rather fly Southwest.


I’m so sorry to hear you had to deal with all of that. We are flying AirTran for the first time in June. I wish we could have flown Southwest but the times didn’t work out well for us and they were actually higher than AirTran. We did get a SW flight coming home, though. Wish me luck.


I am flying AT for the first time on my return flight in April. They were 1/2 price of South West. I would have prefered SW because they fly to RI. AT will put me in Boston but still saved almost $500. I can rent a limo for a ride home and still save a few hundred. I like the fact that AT is a resort check in airline though.I am hoping for a hassle free flight home!


I want all of these comments to be positive. I’m flying AirTran for the first time in about 2 weeks. Don’t stress me out. :slight_smile:


We have flown Airtran quite a few times. We have very limited options for non-stop flights. I like them fine and the rates are good. I have had my flight times changed on many of the flights, though. They don’t email or call most of the time. Keep checking your flights in the weeks and months leading up to them. We are using them again in April and will likely anytime we fly to Orlando.


I just think that’s terrible. We will be traveling with DS who is in the Autism Spectrum. We don’t need any assistance with him but I sure wouldn’t need someone else’s attitude making a difficult situation that much more difficult. I’ve got enough attitude within my own family to deal with.:pinch:

Our last trip to Disney we also had to deal with the puking children issue. What is the deal with everyone always coming home sick?? Nothing like holding a Mickey Mouse bag over your kids face while he’s puking on the ME bus. :blow:


Even though you’re lying, thank you! :laugh:


We flew Air Tran earlier this month (February) from Boston. We enjoyed our experience, not having difficulty in either direction; and our flights both ways arrived early. We also enjoyed the ease of upgrading to business class at check-in for less than an up front buisness class ticket (subject to availability at a cost of $60.00 a seat). Because of a disability situation with my wife, we also had occasion to find ground staff very responsive.


I have flown on airtran Chicago to Orlando 3 times. Each time our flight was pleasent and on time. Checking your bags at the resort was great!
I am thinking of booking them again!


Do you have to pay extra to pick your seats prior to your departure day?? Is there a baggage charge (so many airlines are going tis route)??


You do have to pay extra to pick seats in advance- 5 or 10 dollars, or you can check in 24 hrs ahead of your flight and pick seats for free.


We paid 5 dollars to reserve seats online. If you reserve them on the phone I think they are 7 dollars each. I think it’s free to pick your seats the day you get your boarding passes.