Airtran link for $25 coupon


As most people I am always looking for a deal so here is a link to a $25 coupon for Airtran. I did it twice, once for me and once to DH’s email address. I booked the airfare seperate and used 2 codes to save $50:wub:
It is only good for airfare to and from Florida.

Hope some of you can use it. I believe that travel must be completed by 10/31/2009

AirTran Airways - Share A Little Sunshine and Visit Florida



Wow! this is awesome, thanks for the link, our flight is already booked, but I was wondering if this can be used toward checked baggage?


I don’t know but it is worth a try. I assume that you will pay for the baggage online? We have never flown Airtran before but there were much cheaper than SW (even with the baggage fee) on our return trip for Oct.

Let me know if it works for the baggage, I am curious.


Not sure if it works for baggage , but it worked for seat assignments. I hate paying for seats, but I don’t like to chance us not being together, so I always pay for them in the end. Thanks again for the code, it saved me $50.