Hello. I have been checking out flight costs and came across AirTran.
They have a better price than other airlines at this time for my flight.
Has anyone flown with AirTran?
What was your experience?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Airtran’s fine. No better or worse than anyone else (which isn’t saying anything at all, is it?).


I had no problem with them on my recent flight.


I was wondering the same thing. They’ve been having better prices than Southwest, but what worries me is how strong is the company. I believe Southwest is one of the few airlines making a profit, so I’m comfortable booking with them in advance. I worry about other airlines, as who’s to say they won’t close their doors in the next month or two with the way the economy is going these days. Anyone have any insight on Airtrans economic stregnth?


Another question - Can you select your seats when purchasing tickets or is like Southwest where you don’t?


Yes, you can select your seats- but they’ll charge you extra for it.

I think it was $6 per choice- $12 round trip for each seat selection.


We are flying to disneyworld in 15 days on airtran. We will let you know. I read somewhere that airtran was ranked #1 for customer satisfaction.


I understand it is “no frills” which is fine.

My other question is besides the radio, do they show a movie?


We always use Airtran to fly to Orlando and have had good service. We have had flight delays, but so does everyone else.

No movies are shown.


I like AirTran. They are a pretty good airline. I have flown with them several times.


Have flowen on AirTran a few times. We never had any problems, except that I always had a layover in Atlanta (since Atlanta is their hub).

No frills as stated before, planes are clean and everyone was friendly.


We always use AirTran because of the price. I know there are a couple people who have not had good experiences, but we have always had great flights. Always on time, and you can choose your seat in advance. They charge you if you choose your seat more than 24 hours in advance, but once you get within the 24 hours it’s free (there are always plenty of spots to choose from within the 24 hours).


I’ve flown with them many times. No problemos at all. They just need to give passengers a bigger bag of pretzels. :laugh:


I just flew with them on the June 4th for the first time. I had no complaints and would not hesitate to fly with them again. Flight was on time and I really like being able to pick my seat compared to the Southwest cattle call.


Airtran is fine. We haven’t had any problems at all. Have you checked
Airfarewatch Com


Exactly, I hate the cattle call thing Southwest does!!


Funny you should ask… Airtran has now TWICE in 6 months changed our flights without notifying us. This has caused us to rebook at a greater expense with other carriers because we had to rebook too close to our trip. (this was for two different WDW trips).

The flights themselves have been fine, but these changes have cost us almost $600. Just an FYI.


We fly AirTran all the time. We have had no problems, always on time & great service.


I flew them to WDW last year and had no problems. Planes were clean, people were friendly, we took off and landed on time and our bags arrived with us. I did find that there seemed to be less legroom than JetBlue and even Delta but it wasn’t a huge deal for our length flight.

I was looking at Airtran for my next trip and while checking airfares everyday have noticed that they schedule has changed quite a bit since I started looking which is something leslieh mentioned so I wonder if that is something that will continue or what.


I flew them in April.No issues at all. They upgraded us to Business class for free because there were available seats and nobody paid for upgrade. I registered as an A+ member for free when I booked. They said because you are an A+ member we are upgrading you for free! Bigger seats and free drinks, not bad for free.So if you do fly with them remember to register just in case!