AK DVC Rumor - Hmmmhh?!?!?!


I read this bit of interesting news this morning on Mouseplanet.

Disney Vacation Club rumors take another left turn

Rumors indicating that the Contemporary Resort’s North Garden Wing could be completely rebuilt as Disney Vacation Club lodgings are still strong, but we’re now hearing that the next DVC resort to be announced will be at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The Contemporary DVC building will reportedly not be started until after the first DVC resort is built in California. The California resort would immediately follow the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort. A preview center for the Animal Kingdom Lodge DVC resort is being set up in the theater at the Saratoga Springs Resort.


if they are not starting the contemporary until AFTER disney land, i assume the 2008 date i have been hearing is pretty much false. Ak is an interesting choice for the nest place. i will have to look at the model when i am at SSR in december…


This whole California thing seems strange to me. First of all, with the precious TINY bit of space the Disneyland Resort has for some reason I find it hard to swallow that they would use it for a DVC resort. From what I understand the DVC hasn’t even been popular on the west coast. With DVC members currently able to use their points to stay at any of the 3 DL hotels I would think that would sufficiently accomodate the small, in comparison, number of DVC members that go there anyway.

Also, since SSR is at nearly 80% sold capacity I would assume they would want to start moving on the next WDW DVC location and NOT put California at a priority so there isn’t too big a gap in sales time.

I am all into this AKL rumor, b/c I feel like it makes sense, the space is available, and it’s popular. My honest opinion is, if there IS talk of a Cali resort I just don’t see how they would possibly put that in priority over the suspected WDW ones.

We’ll see!


is there as big a push for the DVC on the west coast as there is on the east? you can’t go anywhere in WDW without seeing a sign for the DVC. that might have something to do with the lack of popularity out there.


If you live in California, why would you buy DVC? If you buy 150 points, you get 5-6 nights a year at the Disneyland hotels, or you can stay at a DVC resort and and get almost 2 weeks in a studio. It’s a great idea to build at Disneyland, because that’s where a lot of money is, but it’s a hard sell if you have nothing to offer locally. I was at Disneyland a month ago and was told by a DVC rep that they may have thousands of instant buyers once a DVC resort is announced at Disneyland. I was told they have 2 options for locations; The first is behind the current preview center which currently is used for parking (if the resort is built here, a new parking structure would be built to make room for the cars) or the second is the location of the old Grand hotel just off of Harbor Blvd. (this area was supposed to be developed years ago, but Disney couldn’t build an overpass above Harbor Blvd.). I know that if a DVC resort was built at Disneyland, I would be extremely happy. No more day trips or longer trips staying off property. I would be able to stay for a week and enjoy all that the DR has to offer.


While it hasn’t been popular, that is mostly because of the access to DVC resorts on the west coast. While you could technically use your points at the Disneyland resorts, it was a horrible use of your points. No one in their right mind would purchase a DVC membership for that use. Disneyland has plenty of land to build a DVC, remember, DVCs make a ton of money for Disney, it is nearly all profit, they run it for 50 years, being paid to do so, then get the property back for free. They could easily build it in the remaining part of the original Disneyland parking lot, over by Paradise Pier, in the Employee parking area just East of DL or in the “strawberry fields”. Remember, DL was one of the original DVC locations, but the land was too far away at the time (in Newport), and honestly, didn’t make sense. Just think, this is a great oportunity for current DVC members to visit DL on the cheap, and a great chance for Disney to push DVC on the west coast, and expand the membership base.

I for one, will be first in line to visit when it opens. The Disney resorts are horribly expensive, and we have to get 2 rooms. You are talking $600 - $800 per night just to stay on property. Doesn’t happen often for us, not unless there is a deal. But 5 nights in a 2 bedroom during the week shouldn’t be too bad at all.

As for AKL, just stunning. They constantly have to push the resort, it is never full, you can almost always find something there available. It will be interesting to see how they build the rooms so that they all have views of a savannah. Might be nice if they have non-savannah view rooms, they would be a lot less expensive, might give us cheap skates another option. I just get the feeling that if they build the Contemporary one, it would be sold out fast! I know I would be there with check in hand.

Oh, and what ever happened to the Eagle Pines DVC announced over 5 years ago?


is there any word on them building DVC resorts at all of the theme parks (france, tokyo, hong kong)?


We went onthe DVC tour this past week and asked about the Contemporary opening up. Our sales guide told us that it is not official yet but there will first be a new one in the “area of AK” - wink wink. before the Contemporary area will be built.


I would be totally into an AKL DVC. Just love the animals and the whole feel. Mickey is right though, I am in the minority here. A monorail DVC would sell quicker for sure.