AK "eats" ~help me choose


we are thinking that while we are in the AK we will do Flame Tree for lunch, we all LOVE BBQ.

but for dinner i am trying to decide between Tuskar House and RFC. we will be doing dinner early, about 5:30…we will be there the 2nd. wk. in jan.

so my question…which would you do between the 2 dinner choices, and do you think ADR’s are necessary in jan?

i know that the AK is usually not a whole day park…but it will be our last day of our trip and i know we are going to want to take it all in at slow motion.

we are planning on doing breakfast in our room before we head out, and then get to the park early for rope drop…hang out for the day and then back to the resort after dinner.

any thoughts on the dinner choice?

tell me about these “animals that come to life”… i am clueless…i was lead to belive they were live gorrillas…

my DD will be 3.5…will she think RFC is terrific? or no biggie? i know the food is okay, but not fab. but after seeing all the AK has to offer will the “animals” in RFC even be entertaining?



I have been making it a habit to go to RFC when I visit the AK. ME and my DD love it. You don’t absolutely have to have ADR’s in January, but I would make them anyway. MAke them for the places you “must” go to. That way at least you know you will get your favorites.


thanks dana,
can you tell me a little bit about the “animals” in RFC? will i be okay if i just make adr’s when we get to the park that morning?


Yes, you should be fine doing that. I did that both times I went there and didn’t have an issue with waiting. We sat in the Gorilla section both times. It was aweome. the rainstorms are great too. You have to take a bit of time to go through their gift shop after or before eating. It’s a great place to find some gifts for the people at home without paying a fortune. I have found some great bargains in there. Oh…one more note about the animals. My DD and I love the fish tanks…they are everywhere…big huge fish tanks with all kinds of fish.


Once at Raintree Forest Cafe was enough. To loud, to crowded, to much tasteless food, to humid. WDW restaurants are well worth the $ for me!


oh thank you again dana,
UR awsome!! :slight_smile:

i always love your responses…lots of great, helpful info.

my DD loves fish too. i am actually going to be getting her a nice tank with filter and all for her b’day. (along with a “radio flyer” wagon)!!LOL she will be 3 in late aug.

i have heard only about the gorrillas, but found in other posts that there are elephants as well…sounds like alot of fun!

thanks again ~


I recommend Boma! :smiley:

And afterward at AKL you can go and see all kinds of other cool things, including looking at the animals with night vision goggles. :slight_smile:



I have to agree, the RFC doesn’t do it for me either! While at Disney we prefer to enjoy all of the GREAT restaurants it has to offer. RFC has a cute environment, but after all day at AK, it really doesn’t compare and the food is like a half of a step up from fast food (along the same lines as a Chili’s). But hey, that is only my opinion! We have one in the local mall here in CT and when we go to the mall my kids ( 2 & 3) love to stop by and see the alligator, birds, huge butterflies, and fish in the enormous tanks but most of the time we opt to eat somewhere else.


I love RFC!!! I’ve eaten at several of them… Both in WDW, Nashville, Jersey, San Fransisco, and Paris. I LOVE it… The theming is soooooo much fun, and I LOVE the food. They have pretty darn good steaks and the pasta is pretty good too (that’s what my wife always gets). Oh…and the dessert, this big chocolate volcano thing is AWESOME!!! We try to eat there once a trip… And Dana is right about the great prices on souviners. They ALWAYS have their t-shirts 2 for $19.99. I have lots of RFC shirts… I’ve been to Boma too, and it was very good, but it’s not RIGHT there in AK, it’s over at the AKL, so if you want to stay there in AK, RFC is closer…

Did I mention that I LOVE RFC? I say give it a try…


disneyhog…ah yes…you did mention you LOVE RFC :slight_smile: !! i read your posts in a couple of other threads where you discussed you deep love of RFC except for the one in paris…not as good you said. :slight_smile: i figure what the “hey!!” might as well do it this trip and then i will know if we love it , or can leave it next time :). the extreme diff. in opinion has really gotten me curious…must check it out for myself!!

and yea…we really didn’t want to have to venture out of the park. RFC is right on the way out…maybe that’s lends to them staying so popular even though the food isn’t fab? the Tuskar House is way over in Africa…but their food IS terrific…so i hear…

thanks everyone…i will try to remember to include a review for our meal in my TR.


I wasn’t THAT impressed with Tusker House, so I’d say go for RC. The atmosphere is very cool. We sat near the elephant and globe at the one in DtD. The rainstorms are very cool, your dd will probably love it. As far as RC’s food… well what I got wasn’t wonderful, but I think I got ribs and I’m picky about ribs anyway, :laugh:. Nothing was bad though. And the gift shop is great and as everyone said, it’s pretty cheap. Definitely check it out.


I’m not a big Rainforest Cafe fan. We ate at the local one just this past weekend and the food was blah.
The atmosphere is cute, and if you want to see what it’s like check out their site:

I’ve never eaten at Tusker, so can’t help you there. LOVE Flame Tree BBQ tho! MMmmmmmmm


RFC has great atmosphere - most kids and teens love it. The food in our experience has been up and down - some of their pastas can be pretty good. It’s not really a place you go to for the food, but for the trumpeting elephants, screaming gorillas, thunderstorms and of course the beautiful fish. As Dana said, don’t pass on the store. They have the best deals in WDW. I got my girls sweatpants last year for $7.00. And it’s very good quality.

The Tusker House Rotisserie Chicken is wonderful. And my dh liked the chicken sandwich. It is counter-service. Tusker House really shines at breakfast, though. Their pastries are wonderful!


Just as at Disney, the best part of RFC is in the details: like the vines that open and flower after the rainstorms.

Be sure to wander around the restaurant and look at all of it, not just the area where you’re seated. Lots to see and do there. We love it.

Oh, and the big coffee mugs they sell in the gift shop are super!


I’m not a RFC fan…and I’ve never been to Tusker House.

I have, however, been to Boma and loved it! If you’re willing to venture out of the AK park over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge I’d give it a try!


We like the food at RFC but would not do it if we wanted something quiet and relaxing after a long day. Tusker house is great! If you want to venture out of the park there are lots of places you could go.


One thing about RFC that I have noticed…some small children are afraid of the rain/thunder storm and screaming gorillas etc…
while others were fine with it. Guess it depends on the individual child…or how tired they are. Just FYI.

It is a fun place to go though…not quiet, but def. fun:)