Ak Emh


How is AK EMH? Has anyone done the PM one? Do you think it is worth it to hop there on a day that it has PM EMHs or do you think it will be too crowded? And if anyone has any tips for touring AK I could use them. I find I wander a lot at AK!


I honestly would do their morning one and not the afternoon one. You may make out though. Everyone usually leaves after the parade and you may get lucky with the crowds.


I am interested too. We always do the early entry morning but have never been there for the Extra Evening Hours. We are considering going for EEH this summer too. As far the morning goes, we love it. There is no wait for the safari and all the animals are out first thing in the morning. Now with Expedition Everest open, there is even more reason to go early. I have been on the safari and various times of day but the early morning was by far the best.

I would like to hear about the EEH though.



We always do PM EMH hours because we are not morning people. Getting to the parks when they open is more than enough morning for me!

Anyways, AK PM EMH was pretty good in my opinion, but that was Pre-EE. Camp Minnie-Mickey is open as is the Lion King show. It was much less crowded to go there during EMH than during the day. Lines for character meetings were so much better. All in all, the park was pretty empty at that time. We didn’t use the entire EMH either, but we did go over to Boma for dinner. Since we were at POR and the buses ran late to AK during EMH, it was a great opportunity to take the bus over to AKL for dinner, then back to AK, do some more leisurely walking around the tree of life, then hop the bus back to POR. Otherwise, the busses would have been done so much earlier and we would have been stuck taking a longer route!


I don’t have a touring plan for you, but try and do/get one for AK if you can.
I followed the one in the Passporter last year, and we were able to see so many more attracions than we normally did. It was great!

We are going to try out the AK EMHpm this year for the first time. We are hopping over there also and are hoping it’s worth the trip.


We just did the EMH PM at AK last month. The park stayed open until 9:00pm (that was the latest I’ve ever seen AK open!) It was so cool, but honestly I can’t tell about anything else because we rode EE over and over (with NO LINES!) until the park closed!!!


Slight threadjack, but has EE made AK crowds worse by drawing more people or better by providing another headliner attraction to spread them out?


I’m interested in opinions, too. I’m not sure if we should plan to do AK PM EMH or not. Epcot PM EMH has become useless, because Soarin’ doesn’t have fastpass at night and the lines are excruciating. Will it become the same way with EE?


Bump up for some recent experiences with evening EMH at AK.

When we’re there in June AK will be open until 11pm on EMH. I can’t wait to try and ride EE in the dark! Do you think if we get to AK around 6pm we’d still be able to get a FP for EE that late night? Or would you wait until non-resort guests have to leave at 8pm (regular closing hour) and then get in stand-by for EE? Opinions?


We just did EMHpm at Animal Kingdowm for the first time a few weeks ago.

Out of all of our EMH expierences for the week, this one was the best.

We headed into the park around 3 pm, and people were leaving by the boatload.
We had most of the park to ourselves, with EE being the only wait at about 20 minutes.


Personally, I think morning EMH is more valuable at AK, for one reason, and that is because the animals are at their most active early in the morning. Pete and I are not morning people either, but it was worth it to go on the safari and walk through the tours and actually see the animals actively moving about, rather than just laying in the shade or hidden completely.

Touring plan for AK:
Safari, first thing, then grab FPs for EE.
Do the two animal walking tours (one with the gorillas first, then one with the tigers).
Kali River Rapids, before it gets too crowded
Dinosaur:crying: and anything else you want to do in Dinoland, depending on whether or not you have kids.
Take the shortcut over to EE and use your FPs
Hit It’s Tough to Be a Bug
And you’re out!


Jenny, we’re going to AK for opening our first full day at Disney and having breakfast at 8am at Donald’s. Do you know if they let you over the shortcut to EE at opening at 9am?
We were going to get a FP for EE
Then go ride the Safari
Come back and ride EE, or hit Kali first, then ride EE.
(We did the walking tours last year and the kids weren’t too thrilled with it.)
If we only do 3 things that morning, that’ll be fine.

Then we’re out of AK for the day- over to DTD for Fulton’s and La Nouba that night.

We’ll be going back to AK on the Monday night for EMH, so we’ll see other things like Lion King, and Dinosaur, ITTBAB, and ride EE again.

How does that sound in your opinion?


That sounds good, but definitely ride Kali before using your EE FPs. Kali gets out of control and there is no single rider option. Do breakfast, then FP for EE (there is a single rider option here, but you have to ask for it at the entrance to standby), then the Safari, then Kali, then use your EE FP.


the PM is kind of a bummer because only Dinoland USA is open. you can go on DINOSAUR, which i do not like at all (do not like scary rides), and anything else in Dinoland but that’s about it. all the animals go back to their shelters or whatever they’re called so you can’t see anything that you missed during the day. you can do EMH at night if you want. but, it’ll be quick if you go through all the rides in Dinoland really fast.


I like your suggestions, Jenny. I’m printing that out right now so I don’t forget.

Is EE open for PM EMH? And do they still have the shows like Lion King later at night?


Thanks, Cathy. To the best of my knowledge, EE is open for EMH, but I haven’t been a resort guest since it opened. As for the shows…someone help me out here? :blush:


OK, I’ve answered my own question. According to Allearsnet.com, the following atractions open during EVENING Extra Magic Hours at AK are:

Expedition Everest
Festival of the Lion King
It’s Tough to be a Bug
Kali River Rapids (Seasonal)
Primeval Whirl
TriceraTop Spin

Dining Locations
· Flame Tree Barbecue - Closes at 8 p.m.
· Pizzafari - Closes at 8 p.m.
· Rainforest Cafe
· Restaurantosaurus - Closes at 9 p.m.