AK Opinions


OK so I have the two days to fill before we get on the cruise and I had a thought. Since we are only really at the hotel in the early AM (fly in fri night and take cruise Sun aft means we will be in hotel sat am and sun am) so what do you all think of the safari view rooms of AK- this may be my only time where I am there for 2 days and can go stay there…What do you think? How many have stayed there and did you really get to see the animals? Or was it an expensive view of trees and shrubs?


I would go for it,if it is the only time you will be able to go to AKL.


well with our family being so large its tough- here is another question… how large are the rooms? I would love to try and get away with just one room and have dh and I on one bed, the two big kids on another and the 2 year old on the floor between us baby in the pack and play. Since we are not doing a package for the first two days they would never know the extra kid was in there.


I have stayed at the AKL several times and you most certainly see the animals from your room. It is one of my favorite resorts.


I don’t think your 2 year old would count as an “extra person” anyway. We have a family of five and stayed in one room at the WL a few years back. OUr little one was only 2 at the time and we had no problems - they knew she was there. We also didn’t have any issues with space in the room…but then again we don’t spend a whole lot of time in our room!


that would be us as well- the only time we would even see the room is early in the morning before we head to the parks… Kind of why I would want to do the AKL- And if we only need one room it makes it so much more affordable. We cant do this for the second leg of our trip though because Parker is going to be 3 and would need to have his own part of the food plan and packages (Im pretty sure)


:laugh: Yes, 3 is the magic age when they start having to be accounted and paid for at Disney!


Not to mention 10 when they become Adults!


yeah- we got slammed with that one too- my oldest is 10!


We stayed there a few years ago and loved it …we had a Savannah (sp?) view room and it was just so awesome. The rooms are definitely large enough for a family of five. And no matter what room you stay in …any short walk will give you a breath taking view.


I love the AKL. DEfinaely stay there. Your family is going to love it!