AK Picnic in the Park


From what I’ve read, we can use adult counter service credits for the AK Picnic in the Park. Does it matter if we order from Tier 1 or Tier 2?


AK picnic in the Park??? Ive been sleeping under that rock again :laugh::laugh: I have no clue what you are talking about but am excited!!! LOL-----what is this then?


Here ya go: Picnic in the Park - Animal Kingdom


cool! Thanks for that link- i had never heard of it before now. Hhmmmm might be joining in this fun in march! :laugh:


No it does not matter if you order from Tier 1 or Tier 2 but be aware that Tier 1 orders are now picked up at DinoBites in DinoLand USA and Tier 2 orders are still picked up at Kusafiri Coffee Shop in Africa.


That must have just changed. We were there on the 15th of November, and picked up our Tier 1 at the Bakery/Coffee Shop in Africa.


They just changed the pick up location and the menu too on November 25.
Animal Kingdom Picnic in the Park


I talked my Aunts into doing this when they went in October. They both loved it. I do hope it’s around when I head back in August.

On topic: she didn’t mentioning having to pick from tiers.


Ive read so many good things about this and can’t wait to try it, seems like such a cute idea! And even better we can use up some of those free dining credits (like thats hard haha)


I know Mickeysgirlz did this on one of her many trips to the world, so maybe she can probably help you out. I remember reading about her experience with the dining option.


I just did this twice when I was at WDW 11/13 – 11/21. I LOVED IT!!!

You should do it. It’s very good food (better than burgers and fries, etc) and you can eat anywhere in the park you want too.



Does anyone know if TIW can be used for this? At the other counter service places in AK it’s valid, but I haven’t seen anything about the picnic in the park.