AK-picnic in the park


Thinking of trying picnic in the park for the first time. Anyone have any thoughts/experiences with this?
Many thanks for any comments.


When we were there last month, we didn’t see any signs about it. I’m not sure if they still have it. Or maybe we just didn’t see it. I was hoping to try it.


We tried it, and it really didn’t do anything for me. Cute idea, but the food just didn’t seem as fresh as it could be.


Call WDW Dinning to see if it still running. We did not see it this past March.


It is also not listed on the dinning plan for 2011!!!


We tried it once and liked it all but the drink. I don’t know if they are still offering it, I’m not sure it was very popular.


Darnit, I wanted to do it again when we went back next year. We lost our DITP bag at the food store. Everytime they filled it with our groceries, I would wait for someone to ask about the bag. It was fun to tell the story:)

Oh, and we enjoyed it. Lot of food for lunch though. We aren’t big lunch eaters. That was in May of 2009.


on allearsnet it’s listed as a seasonal thing.


I heard it is now defunct.


Wasn’t there in June, I am guessing it is gone. Was a cool idea, but not many places to have an actual picnic.


We were there in October, and they were no longer doing it.