AK w/ EE - Fastpasss right away?


For folks that have recently been to AK, here’s a question…

In the past, we’d arrive at AK in the AM and go straight to Africa to fastpass Kilimanjaro Safari’s. If the wait was less than 20 minutes, we’d just ride it, then maybe shoot over to the Lion King show or something, come back and ride it with our fastpass.

Now, w/ EE open, what’s the best strategy? Fastpass EE first thing? I’m worried that you could potentially eat up your fastpass window for a few hours if you do that, leaving you with stand-by to all the other attractions until the fastpass window begins.

Any thoughts?


Run, run, RUN!!! to EE!! sigh, I wish I was running there with you LOL!!


I’ve heard fast pass and standby the stand by seems to have been minimal by design. I’ll be keeping a close eye on your replies for my benefit.


Here is our plan for AK:
Obtain FP for E Everest/Breakfastosaurus 9:10
Ride: Dinosaur
Head to right (Asia)/Obtain FP for Kali Rapids

Ride: EE

Ride: Kali Rapids

Obtain FP for EE

Go to Camp Minnie-Mickey for Character pics (back towards entrance)
See Lion King / Go to Africa see Acrobats @ Tusker House (to the left)
Check times to see eligibility for another EE Fast Pass
Find D-vine
Find secret path - Between Asia and Africa
FP Bugs Life
Ride EE
See: Bugs Life


I just went to AK this past weekend. I’m a big chicken so I steered clear of EE… it was pretty crowded, and we didn’t get there right when it opened, but we still walked right on the safari. I bet if you got there when AK opened and went straight to EE, you’d be able to go to the safari after with hardly any wait. Then you could use your fastpasses for Dinosaur or Kali. :slight_smile:


I’d ride EE first thing in the morning,but NOT if you have had a full breakfast like Donald’s Breakfastosaurus,because you don’t want to risk an upchuck on the ride.


Come on Mick, you have to leave something for the Yeti.


Our neighbors were at AK on Monday, got there at 10:30am and the wait for EE was 2 hrs, the FP’s were for late afternoon. They said the park was very busy on monday.
I would go to EE 1st thing and get FP’s and ride…


Ewwwww!!! :blow: :blow: :blow:


We have been contemplating the same thing for our upcoming trip. I guess we will have to get there early and rush to EE like everyone else. On our last trip, we had the luxery of not feeling like we had to rush anywhere and it was really nice. The kids got a magical memory certificate because we chose to ride Primevil Whirl first. That really made them feel special. In fact, we rode it about 7 times without more than a couple minute wait since everyone else was rushing over to the Safari ride.


I was there on Monday, fast passes were gone by 11 AM. We went today, and were in the park by 9:20 AM. We ran and got a fast pass for EE for 10:50 AM, and hopped in the stand by line. The wait was only about 30 minutes, even though the sign said 50. After that, we walked right on Kali River Rapids, grabbed a treat and went back to EE.

I never saw the stand by go longer than about 60 minutes today, it wasn’t to bad. After Kali, we got a fast pass for the Safari, did a couple of other things, then went on the safari and headed to MGM.

We used to always run to the Safari first, but I won’t be doing that any more.


Seems like it’s a good idea to hit EE first, get a fastpass to come back and ride later, and then head over to the safari. After that would it be best to do Kali or Dinosaur? I’m trying to think of what would have the shortest stand by line just in case we can’t get more fastpasses. Those spring break lines can be down right scary.


That seems to be the prevailing thought. If you can get a fastpass for the AM, that’s not too bad.


Go ahead and fast pass the ride, but remember, many, MANY of the guest who head over there just go to see it. I took a little survey recently, and most of the people in that area said they were too scared to get on the ride. Even those standing in line, a lot would not ride. They just wanted to see how cool the queue line was.

Also, to go with that, Safari is best right after the parade. The animals are very active in the late afternoon/ early evening.


EE is definately the “power house” at AK these days. It seemed to us the lines that use to form at the KS & Dinosaur were non-existent.


As a follow up, I was there Saturday morning. We got to the park around 9:30, and fastpasses were for about 10:50. The stand by line was only about 40 minutes long. We went through the single rider line 4 times in under an hour, then had to head back to catch our DME bus. When we left at about 10:50, the stand by line was up to an hour, and fast passes were sometime mid-afternoon, around 2 or so.

If you can get in the park first thing, you should be able to get on the ride 2 or 3 times before the line gets too long.

I would agree, we saw many people who wated through the lines and then exited as they were to board. For those who have not been on it yet, I would say it isn’t nearly as scary as Tower of Terror or Rock N Rollercoaster.