Akershus Banquet Hall


How do you pronounce Akershus?

Lisa :mickey:


Very carefully :laugh:



I actually can not figure it out. I sound like i am sneezing!

Lisa :mickey:


Then don’t read this:

Akershus fylkeskommune - Aktuelt


Ok I looked around but couldn’t find a good pronunciation for you but I did find this:

Akershus Fortress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By the way do you know the one good thing the Norwegians have going for them?

Good Neighbors :laugh:

(I’m a proud American of Swedish decent :mickey: )


My dad use to sing this song “One Hundred Swedes Ran through the weeds, chased by one Norwegian” Do not ask me what that was all about. I have no idea. lol

I answered the Le Cellier pronounciation. This one belongs to someone else.

Ak - er - shush???


Aker (like it’s spelled) hoos!


What’s that sneaky little “s” doing in there? Is it silent?


No, I forgot to put it in: Akers (like it sounds) hoos


LOL Yeah those Norwegian smell bad (I just didn’t want to bring that up…you know cuz I’m nice) like PSU fans :laugh:


I believe it is AH-cares-hoose.


:mickey: All righty then…I guess I am still sneezing then!