Akershus dinner?


Have adrs for dinner and wonder what the meal is like. Is it served family style,buffet, or plated like at Cindy’s. Looked over the many items and not sure if it sounds good. Never heard of some of the main dishes.


Allears has the menu. It’s kind of mixed up a meal. The cold bar is buffet, the entrees are plated and the dessert is family style. SO it is all rolled into one. LOL!


just have done breakfast - Akershush is not about the meal for us but having Princess interaction w/o using 2 credits


Been there several time for dinnner. When we went you ordered your meal from the wait staff and then were directed to help yourself to the cold buffet. Cheeses, pepperoni, veggies, salads, etc. Then your meal is brought to the table and then dessert. For us the meal was good, but like someone else mentioned, it is about the princesses who all visit your table for pictures. Definitely a must-do if you have little ones.


Our daughter will be 15 months and we have the ADR for dinner but did not understand the meal. Thanks


Towards the end of dinner the princesses get together and they parade around the restaurant from room to room with all the kids, like a parade. When you first arrive at the restaurant and you go inside, they take your family picture with Belle as part of the package. Then they seat you take your dinner order.


I did not care for it. Food selections were not good and the service was “meh”


we did lunch in 2012 and it didn’t look appetizing at all but we wanted the 1 credit princess experience. i’m a pretty picky eater and don’t like fancy food. i thought the food was VERY delish! probably my 2nd favorite meal of the trip (Boma gets top honors).


We went once for lunch and that was enough for me. It was not good at all. If I am going to spend money on a character meal, I at least want the food to taste good. This,in my opinion, was bad.


Food style is a combo of buffet and Liberty Tree family style. My kids like it because there is a decent fruit selection on the cold buffet bar. I like the cold meats…but I usually find myself trying to gorge on one item because I have never liked the full menu you are served. But once again, we have never done Akershush for the meal - the Princesses here are INCREDIBLE…we have been here 3 times and they have NEVER been anything but great. They take their time and never feel like they are in a hurry.


What she said. It was ok but nothing special.

Although Belle did call me her beast! :laugh: Wait, is that good or bad?!?


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1136577]What she said. It was ok but nothing special.

Although Belle did call me her beast! :laugh: Wait, is that good or bad?!?[/QUOTE]

Oh, how nice! I would take it as a good thing.