Akershus Opinions - Lunch or Dinner


I am trying to set up our ADR’s for our trip in August and we are considering Akershus for Dinner or possibly lunch.

We went last year and were disappointed because they did not have the cold bar with Seafood options. They brought out a plate of small samples to your table with really no seafood on it.
The girls loved the Princesses but we really went for DW and DMIL to go to the cold bar. Especially the Herring.

Has anyone been there this year?


Sorry I can’t help you, we have only had breakfast there but we do enjoy that! Good Luck!


I’m not the only one!! I’m not the only one!! [/B]

No answers for you but I am also keen to know.



Here’s what I wrote about our meal back in March:

They made sure that we saw all of the Princesses within 15 minutes after seating. The cold buffet, IMO, didn’t seem up to the old Akershus standard…although the Peppered Mackeral was very good. Our entrees Venison Stew (me), Cod (Sandy), Pasta (Mags), and Hot Dog (Mo) were all above average. The desserts were met with very mixed reviews. Our service (Vivian) was pretty good. Personally, I miss the old Akershus.

I’m not a herring fan, but I know that it was on the cold table.

I don’t really have a lunch or dinner recommendation; they both looked very similar. I would probably opt for whichever was more convenient compared to my plans… but I tend to plan around food, so… :pinch:



(cue Haunted Mansion instrumental queue music)




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The old menu has been back for a while. The herring is on the coldboard again.


You guys are crazy for some herring!!


Eh? What’s that?

Sorry, I’m I’m hard of herring.


I was just there a few weeks ago and the cold bar was up and running at full force and it was great. I’d recommend Akershus to anyone.


Were there all six kinds of herring? Do, do say yes. :fingers crossed:

it’s not just herring, it’s all-you-can eat DISNEY herring…


Hmmmmm not sure, if it looked good it went on the plate. Whatever kind it was tasted mmm mmm good. :tongue: