Akershus or Marrakesh?



I wanted to put one of these two places in our ADR plans for May.

Just looking for some feedback on how you enjoyed either or both.



Never been to Akershus, but we LOVE Marrakesh. Awesome food, service, ambiance and they usually have a belly-dance too.


Food is great at both but the entertainment is better at Marrakesh :wink:


They used to be my 2 favorite Epcot restaurants, but now I’m not so sure. Prior to a few years ago, we had multiple great experiences at both places. In the past couple of years, though, we’ve been disappointed in different ways.

I’d rather that Akershus stayed with the hot buffet (I was very happy to hear that they recently went back to the cold board instead of bringing a pre-selected tray to the table). Personally, I’d rather ‘nibble’ on unfamiliar food; I’m not sure if I can be bold enough to order an entree of Kjottkaker, but I’d sure like to try it. We’ve made an ADR there for our upcoming trip though to give it a try.

A couple of years ago, we had a very disappointing trip to Marrakesh for a late lunch. The food was only okay and the service, frankly, was bad. In the end, we decided to chalk this up as a one time aberration…but…it was enough that we’ve decided to try out some other Epcot eateries for the first time the last few years. We have 1 more ADR to make… it wouldn’t shock me if it ended up being Marrakesh.

It’s an interesting choice since the cuisines are so different from one another. I do think the choice probably comes down to entertainment: princesses vs. music/belly dancing. And I won’t complain about either… :redface: My kids (girls 5 & 14) enjoy the princesses but are too shy to go out with the bellydancer.



Doesn’t Cavey have a picture of the belly dancer?

She is motivation for most people to choose Merrakesh ;c)


My dad took a picture of the belly dancer but it is blurry…


Here is a reference to that picture…

Cavey really enjoyed himself!


Was he trying to catch her at the same time!? :laugh:


I’m more keen on Akershus. :happy: HERRING!! YES!! THEY’RE BACK!!! :wub: