Akershus or Prime Time?


The title pretty much sums it up. I am trying to decide which one to take the family (DW, DD-15, DS-13 and myself) to on our trip in March. I am leaning toward Prime Time as it seems more in their age range but I am still on the fence. We have not been to either before. Any opinions?


I think that prime Time is hysterical Food is like 50’s southern food. Meat and potatoes, etc… My kids have had to sing “I’m a little teapot” with other kids in the restaurant. My Dad knocked over a pepper shaker and broke it. The waiter came by with a broom and a mop and said, " It’s not my mess, you clean it up." We died laughing. The guy behind us was laughing hard at my dad too, until the waiter caught him with his elbows on the table for the millionth time. He got out the ketchup, squirted a line on the table and told him not to cross it, or mess it up. Our whole section was dying laughing. If you like that kind of entertainment, then it is fun…

We like it, and normally we would hate this stuff…

Only time I have been to Akershus is for a princess breakfast, which was very similar to all other breakfasts on property… can’t help with other meals, but I have heard there is a lot of fish…


I went to the Akershus princess breakfast on our last trip. While my teenage sister and I enjoyed it, the restaurant was very full of young girls dressed as princesses. DS13 might feel a little out-of-place (or he could love the attention from the princesses - you never know!). Prime time is fun. I went there with a group of teenagers a few years ago, and we had a blast. It’s good, fun, joking atmosphere. Not to mention significantly less expensive! :laugh:


having done Akershus last year as well as Prime Time, I can tell you that the food at Akershus leaves a lot to be desired. I grew up eating Scandinavian food and what they served there was not quite it.

Eating at the Prime Time is hilarious. the food is, well food from the olden, lard laden days. So eat only half of what’s on your plate and you should be alright.


prime time has better experience for the ages you listed


I would definetly say 50’s Primetime. I have done Akershus for breakfast, which was good, but nothing great. And on our last trip we did Akershus for lunch, and it was horrible!!! We will not be going back again. Primetime we LOVE, and make sure we get there every trip. You always have a lot of fun! Just remember not to put your elbows on the table!!!


50s Prime Time for sure! DW and I have had several lunches and dinners there and love it. Well, ok, I love it a little more than she does. We have tried Aukershus a couple of times for dinner and we were not fans. It is nice if you are wanting to meet most of the princesses but that is about all it has to offer. And as someone stated earlier DD might feel a little “too old” for all of it. We have tried 4 different dishes and have decided that we would not return there unless we were with others who really wanted to give it a try. Now 50s on the other hand… I could go for that meatloaf everyday of my trip. And cousin Patty was amazing our last time there. Now, if you don’t want to set your own table and be joked with then stay away from there. Oh yeah, and request a table with a TV when you check in!


And did you know that they force you to take a picture with Belle?
DH and I really just wanted to eat lunch to see what they offer. We weren’t interested in talking with any of the princesses but NOOOOOOO, they made us take that darn picture before we were let into the place :pinch:


Haven’t been to Akershus but we really enjoyed Prime Time and you can’t beat the PB&J shakes!!!


We have done both several times. For the age of your kids, unless they are maniacal princess followers, go to Prime Time. Yes, Akershus is an experience, but so is Prime Time. We had alot of fun at both this year, but you can only eat so many pieces of cold near-raw fish with capers and bread. The Prime Time is much better for your kids at their age and the food isn’t bad either. Also, the PB&J milkshake is almost reason to go to Disney alone!!!

This year, Akershus was absolutely packed, the food was the same old limited selection (though pretty decent) and the cold fish bar. Prime Time was a fun waitress that gave us “homework”, made my Mom stand in the corner for a second for putting her elbows on the table, and made my daughter eat all her veggies before she could get up. MUCH more fun!


[QUOTE=Dopey;1058182]And did you know that they force you to take a picture with Belle?
DH and I really just wanted to eat lunch to see what they offer. We weren’t interested in talking with any of the princesses but NOOOOOOO, they made us take that darn picture before we were let into the place :pinch:[/QUOTE]

This happened to DW and I as well. It was just the two of us and we wanted to check the place out but they do make you get your picture.


The whole family will enjoy !!!
“OscarHouse” (That’s how we say it :laugh:) seems to be more towards the little princess side. IMO :pirate: UNLESS … your doing breakfast, They are the only resturant in Epcot that serves the usual breakfast food.


Last year we took our grandaughter to Akershus for the princess breakfast:blow:It was horrible. The food was the absolute worst meal I have ever had in Disney World.I will never go back.The only good thing was all the princesses came to our table and my granddaughter loved it.On the other hand I would highly recommend Prime Time. It’s a must every year. The food is awesome and the “moms” are so much fun. P.S.keep your elbows on the table:wink::laugh:


Looks like Prime Time it is! Thanks for all your help.