AKL Bunk Beds


Hello all!
I had a question about AKL. I am going in August with my dad, sister, and boyfriend. We reserved the bunk bed room because dad didn’t want to sleep with the boyfriend :laugh: . I was wondering…the beds do fit adults, right? Since the boyfriend and dad will be sleeping in them?
Thanks for your help in advance! :happy:


Ouch. I think they are going to come up a bit short. Are they smaller than 5’8" tall? When we used the bunk beds in the cabin, I know I wouldn’t fit in them and I am 6’ tall. The kids loved them though.


Not sure about the length of them, but they certainly are sturdy. To be on the safe side, I would recommend calling to see if there is a weight limit for the top bunk. For some reason, I remember seeing something somewhere addressing that in the room.


My kids are short so they fit but if you’re tall then I think it’s going to be a tight fit.


I have the akl bunk bed room requested for our trip in July as well and had the same concern as you have for my boys that are 5’8 and 6’1. The concerige desk told me that it would be a tight fit and the beds are comparable to the ones in a dorm room at college. I hope this helps.


Both are under 6’ - dad is barely taller than me :smile:. But it does sound like it may be a tight fit. I hope the beds are like college dorms, I know they would fit somewhat in those. Also, thanks Bethishooked, we’ll make sure to call about weight limits. Thank you for your help!


Hate to mention this, but we stayed AKL concierge in January and the bunk beds were uncomfortable. My DS 12 actually slept on the hard floor instead! He is just over 5 feet, but I think the mattress itself was uncomfortable.


DD (5’2 at the time) was a perfect fit. If they can sleep comfortable in a twin size bed, they will be fine…